How to Make Affirmations Work For You

Monday Morning Mentoring

I’ve had an aversion to affirmations in the past. I felt they were fluff and nonsense. But that was when I was very much into controlling things from a logical network of cause and effect based on the physical universe laws (I must have been trying to channel my inner “Spock”)

Well, it’s now been about 3 years of regular affirmations in my world and I’m here to pleasantly report great success.


But here’s what I’ve learned to make them most effective and for affirmations to work fast!

First, you cannot be saying “I am happy, healthy and whole” while you are chowing on potato chips binge watching reruns of the good wife and dishes in the sink that need to be washed.

Instead try washing the dishes while you say, “I am happy, healthy and whole” after having ditched the chips and unplugged the boob tube (pick your latest device).

Guess what, it works, you will feel more happy, more healthy and more whole! (Personal experience example here)

Second, affirmations are not going to replace taking the action – whether it be learning to use a new device (I tried affirmation only with “mastering my smart phone” and it didn’t work – I had to actually read the manual, use the phone, try out the new apps and get some help from an expert on advanced ideas.) or becoming more successful or creating a loving relationship.

Thirdly, if you have a feeling that is incongruent with your words, that’s misalignment and you’ll get no real results.

Think of how a dog responds – it’s the emotion/the feeling that the dog responds to.

So if we get our words, our feelings and our actions in alignment – this is the magically trifecta. It works.

I’ve had miracle after miracle happen in my life, (literal miracles) from getting aligned with the thinking, feeling and will (actions), some near instantaneous to other’s taking about a year.

Things that if I had just focused on the action and making things go right by sheer will – maybe could have happened but would have taken years likely.

So, this week – let’s focus on 1 area/topic and get 100% in alignment with your thought/word, emotion/feeling, will/action.

Let me know how it goes!

A Delay is NOT a Denial

Master Key Master Mind Alliance Experience Week 20 something

Have you seen all the master mind groups on line? Are you aware of the numerous resurgence of “master minds”?

Likely it is just reticular activating system in me that has me seeing “master mind” (join this powerful master mind to be a millionaire, business whiz, facebook guru, fitness mastermind, mom master mind, etc). While I am being a bit facetious, I have been in several “master minds’ over the past 5 years. One in the 5 figures – that wasn’t worth the paper the money was printed on.

Here’s what I learned – most people have no clue what a real MASTER MIND is or what the REAL purpose of a MASTER MIND fulfills.

I won’t spoil it here, not yet at least. Suffice it to say, I’ve made it my job to fully understand what and why master mind, master minding, master mind alliances might be valuable and how to create one/ones in my life that serve a valuable purpose in my life and those in the master mind.

As the energy vibration moves faster the higher the frequency the chi (spirit, elan, life force)  becomes, well, manifestation happens that much faster.  Connect with others in a mutual MASTER MIND and well, I have a warning: careful what you wish for!!


If You Think You Are Crazy – You Are Definitely NOT!

Master Key Master Mind Week 28

Get this, I’ve been dealing with a situation for over a year and a half that is utterly and completely – NUTS!

It’s full of lies, altered facts, half truths, un-truths, wrong time, wrong information and it just continues to be NUTS!

For months I thought I was crazy. I thought there was something wrong with me – that I was bad, stupid, insane, losing my mind and it really took me into a tail spin.

Talk about crash and burn.

That said, only someone who can actually look at themselves and think “wow, I must be crazy”, is actually the one who is SANE!

Because someone who is insane could NEVER do that. They don’t have the ability to assume any form of  responsibility and would never think they have done anything wrong. Even when they are deliberately poisoning the human race  – they smile and say it’s for their own good.

So if you find yourself thinking you are crazy – STOP.

Take a moment and look around at WHO is in your life. What are they saying – likely FALSITIES, LIES, ALTERED TRUTH, HALF TRUTHS.

And it will make you feel completely and utterly bat SHIT crazy!

Rest assured…you are in no way bat guano!

But you better shine the TRUTH BEAMS and facts fast. Not necessarily to the source of the LIES because they will do EVERYTHING to make YOU into the lunatic.

Our world is full of these folks. They are known as psychopaths, sociopaths. The pedophiles, the sex trafficking scum bags, the despicable landlords, the adulteress schmucks and so on.

There are at least 20% of those EVIL SCUM BAGS on this planet and the 80% that are effected start feeling like they are nuts.

Well we need to wake up folks!

Start with TRUTH for yourself. Think for yourself. Get silent and get into the present moment.

I’ve got loads more to say on this and tools to share to shatter this oppression, suppression and evil crap on this planet – but not just yet. Just you wait cuz it’s a coming. Mama ain’t taking any more of it. But there is a time, there is a place and there is a way that is effective.

And folks, if you think you can just vibrate some higher vibe and it’ll all go away – think again.

We have to start really waking up to the big TRUTH. We have to care enough to get out of that cozy little cocoon and put your big BEING wings on. It’s going to take some big power folks – it’s definitely going to take a WILL bigger than what’s out there right now.

Meanwhile, surround yourself with high vibration friends, allies, co-workers and train your kiddos up so they can decipher, differentiate and annihilate any low vibed creepers.

‘Nough said.