Is Your Creative Process in Need of Some Shears?

Pruning the Vine So You Can Feed the Best Version of You

Have you ever found yourself so busy doing lots of actions that just don’t seem to be giving the results you once hoped for? Whether in terms of inner fulfillment, a sense of accomplishment, joy and contribution, or monetary fulfillment? 

There is a beautiful quote by the prolific Ralph Waldo Emerson that brings to mind the necessary action when we are not finding our way to express our highest potential.

Here’s that epic quote from Emerson.

As the gardener, by severe pruning, forces the sap of the tree into one or two vigorous limbs, so should you stop off your miscellaneous activity and concentrate your force on one or a few points.

 Why is it necessary for you to do that?

Because as you remove the dead and even many of the living vines that seem to have inadvertently come in to choke out your creative energy, you have more power to focus on what is truly important to you! 

The springtime of our lives arrives and with it the potential for significant blossoming.  If you’ve pruned the vines then the new saplings can get the food they need to thrive. If not, they may get choked out and buried as they suck the food.

What better analogy than that of gardening to describe the creative process?  If you look at what you are giving your attention to, is it what you want to blossom?

 After all, isn’t your creative process really just like being the garden of your life?

What are you doing in your life? What are the daily actions that you do, even down to the mundane?  Are they pulling your energy, sucking the life force away from the important things you wish to have blossomed in your life?

Are you doing any random actions (I know I have)  that are a distraction to your true desires?

What are you doing that is not allowing you to concentrate your energy and love toward what you would deeply desire to create?

For me, I’ve desired 3 things, but I’ve spent my life to this point scattered with the many random seeds that blew my way, without a thought of how or what might fruit in my garden. And they have nearly choked out the most precious of my garden.

I assure you though, it’s never too late to get your creative energy back, after all, you are part of nature and so resilient. 

The act of pruning might feel daunting if you’ve let it get well overgrown, but I assure you it will be worth it. Severe pruning may seem essential, but it will allow for the creative energy that is you to flow to where it will truly be appreciated.

Once you’ve got it nicely pruned and it’s been nourished, take the time to appreciate, celebrate and enjoy what you have cultivated! But then get those shears out maintain that beautiful garden, knowing that it is, after all, a process

Ready for more creative power?

What do you think,  are you in need of some severe pruning?

If this resonates, share in the comments below and if you need more insight into the creative process of showing up as the best version of yourself, let’s chat.


What is Yoga Nidra + Simple Guided Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is becoming more and more “popular”. It’s been known and used by yogis as part of holistic yoga practice since I began my yoga practice over 35 years ago. It’s now being presented as a “mainstream” class where you can take a nap – but it’s oh so much more than that!

Have you ever noticed that incessant chatter going on inside of your head? It’s like having a constantly talking voice going on about everything and nothing….eating up so much of your time, attention and more importantly, your energy.

Yoga Nidra is the practice of getting so deeply relaxed, resting beneath the thoughts, free from all the opinions, preferences and judgments of the mind. When we rest in this effortless state of being and deep peace, all judgments of the mind disappear and the body, mind, and soul can restore in ways that are profound.

Have you been thinking of starting a holistic health and wellness program but you’re not sure where to start and you’re scared of wasting time on the wrong steps? Let me be your guide! I’ll show you the right steps on how to build a lifestyle to feel better, look better and function better every day of your life.

How Smart Women Leaders At Top Tech Companies Benefit From Breakthrough Innovation

Make no mistake, women have come a long way in the tech world.  While threads of self doubt still weave at every level of leadership, at their core, smart women leaders benefit from these breakthrough ideas.

Nobody gets to be a leader by themselves

“It’s collaboration… with mentors, managers, sponsors…nobody gets to be a leader by themselves. From above, below and around – the collaboration from coworkers and colleagues… their passion is infectious. Their smarts, their drive…that’s what gets me up every morning.” Elizabeth Robillard, VP of Partnerships at Lytics, one of the fastest growing startups in Portland, OR and Principle at

“Support is the key word – when a manager offers herself as a resource, it’s immense for coworkers. Anything I do,  it takes a village, no leader can do it on their own. The level of support from my circles, all the way up and all the way down, is what makes all the difference.” Tami Wood, Community Lead at Jaguar Land Rover Innovation Labs and 2019 Winner of Portland Business Journal’s Women of Influence Award.

Cultivate a culture that allows the team to freely collaborate

A big struggle in the process of innovation is when teams don’t feel safe to bring their ideas.

We need to push each other to do our best and bring ideas, innovation is a team sport.

Thrive on being pushed forward

Women tend to be over prepared, because they’ve usually had to work harder as young girls. My parents pushed me hard. I pushed myself to be the best, to get all As. But you don’t get As at work. That’s not what you do it for.”

Now you don’t work hard to get the grade, you work hard to build something lasting. You have to be passionate about what you are doing. Find people that inspire you to be your best self at work.” Elizabeth Robillard

Be present for the chaos

“So what that you haven’t done that job before. I’m like a Swiss Army Knife, every day I show up and it may feel uncomfortable, but that’s the difference of being present for the chaos of innovation.  It’s not about making perfect decisions. It’s about making the right decision, right now, with the information we have at the time.” Elizabeth Robillard

The power is in staying curious, not having to be right

“It’s a big challenge to stay relevant in today’s world. Who are you relevant for? Why do we care? Why do we operate the way we do? That curiosity factor changes every outcome for the better.” Cindy Tortorici, CEO and Owner, The Link, LLC

The more we risk the more we learn

“It’s about taking risks… healthy risks, but the more you take, the more you learn. That’s what innovation is all about.” Cindy Tortorici

Be loud enough to be listened to

“There are always going to be obstacles and challenges. It’s common for women to strive to work harder, to get our voices heard in any industry, but definitely in tech. I’m more aware of this in tech… of having to prove myself… sometimes that’s harder than actually having to do the work. “

“You have to be loud to have your voice heard, but being loud, too often, women are being told they are coming across hard and angry or complaining too much and that’s when the ears shut down. You’ve got to figure out the balance – how to be heard, but more importantly, listened to.” Tami Wood

Call out what you bring to the table

“Too often women miss their own magic because it comes easy to them.  They don’t often celebrate or pay attention to it, maybe they’ve never even named it.

“You’ve got to name it.  Call it out. Call out what you bring to the table, not only for yourself but for your team and your company.” Cindy Tortorici

Learn to negotiate for yourself

“Know your value and worth then make sure it’s clear to those who are in power. It’s not always ‘I’m working really hard.’ We all work really hard… we are all juggling things. Your value is unique and has to do with outcomes that your team values. Yes it’s teamwork, but recognize yourself, so others will too.”

“We can undermine ourselves if we don’t know our own value.” Elizabeth Robillard

Constantly be developing, personally

“As a leader we have to continue to grow ourselves, not only does it set a model, but if we plateau it’s harder to lead.”

“Knowing there is always room for improvement for yourself, you look at others with more empathy. What I’ve been through gives me insight to sense about what people have been through in their own lives.”

“Don’t overlook what stops others with their confidence. As a leader you greatly impact decisions and behavior. Lead from a problem solving view. This fosters real innovation.” HsuanHua Chang, Executive Coach and Seattle Network Director for Women In Technology International

Never Give up

“Set a goal and pursue it with clarity of purpose.  Have the confidence to see beyond the challenges. Every situation has at least two sides…learn to change perspectives, this can expand your vision. Just don’t give up.” HsuanHua Chang

See beyond the challenge

“We all have personal challenges. I came to this country in 1982 and I still face discrimination as an immigrant. You have to continue to show up and be who you are and your presence will overcome any bias.” HsuanHua Chang

Your magic is who you are at your core

“Women tend to take themselves out of the game when they lose touch with their core values. The imposter syndrome creeps in… you tend to want to become invisible, but that’s when you’ve got to get back in the game and realign with what makes you unique.” Cindy Tortorici

Align your workplace value with your core values

“Always be looking for alignment between what you value and what your company values. When you get that, you’ve got the best definition of success. You won’t ever be happy in a place that is misaligned to your values.” Elizabeth Robillard

Find a Sponsor

“Mentors are great but sponsors are more impactful. Sponsors have the power to help identify the next level of leaders, while mentors helps you grow… two different things. Get the people in power to believe in you, get them to help.”

“Networks, friends and family are incredibly important, but you need somebody who doesn’t just give you advice, they actually put you forward. They believe in you so much they actively move you forward in your career. That’s very different than a mentor.” Elizabeth Robillard

We are all imperfect

“There is always something we are working on.”

“I feel like I’m a powerful woman and leader…well respected and results driven… and still that doubt of ‘Am I good enough?  Can I do this job?’ …that’s there.”

“I still work on this every day. It’s why being around people who are going to support you is so important. We are all going to have these moments.”

“We are all building something that hasn’t been built before. After all, that’s the definition of innovation. The fear that you are going to fail….that’s real and inevitably you do fail. Be ok with failing, pick yourself up and try again. Ultimately fail fast.” Elizabeth Robillard

Believe in the power of the work you do

“Making sure I am valuable to the people around me and doing what I can to make things better for other people…that’s what works for me. Knowing what I’m good at and using that to benefit other people, that gets me through the best of times and the worst of times.” Tami Wood

Your career success is ultimately up to you

“You must figure out what you want. Then go ask for it…negotiate for it…make room for it and be pushy about it.”

“There is a legitimate pay gap between men and women, but it tends to come from not putting yourself forward. My best advice is to figure out what you want for yourself, for your career and then figure out how to go about getting it.”

“Seek out the resources…find out what you need in order to be successful. Your boss doesn’t know, only you know until you make it known. So you have to get that out on the table, don’t hide from it.” Elizabeth Robillard

Lift each other up

“There is always going to be somebody smarter, better, faster…we will only prevail if we lift each other up. We are grown ups here, I’m not saying unconditionally, but we have to find ways to help each other… to see their gifts and spotlight them.

This is only going to benefit the whole.  I’ve had wonderful women as managers, as mentors, teachers and friends, my mom… Without those women lifting me up and supporting me I couldn’t find those creative moments and couldn’t always see that value in myself.” Tami Wood

Grateful acknowledgement to the powerhouse women leaders who shared their insights for this article. In honor of International Women’s Day and to all the women of this world, you are smart enough, you are strong enough. You CAN do this! Stephana Johnson works with powerhouse leaders who want more results with less BS, for themselves, their team and their bottom line. Contact through