When you lack visibility you’ll lack profitability. It’s easy to think that everyone else has it all figured out.

Take it from us. They don’t. That’s what we know to be true. Here’s what else we know – about you.


  1. You’re doing better than you think you are
  2. People think about you less than you worry about
  3. You’re not sure how to attain your lifelong dream
  4. You wanna make a bigger impact but don’t know how
  5. You want your life and work to make a difference

Did we get it right? Then there are 3 things you should do right now:

1. Sign up for YHM Free Model4Business Masterclass

Given that clarity is one of the keys to profitability, your business is so intertwined with your visibility, we’ll show you how to get to profitable, fast.
Grab YHM free training here.

2. Access YHM Free Publicity Workshop

Because a large reason we’re all here is to serve others, it’s important that other people see us so that we can help them. We’re all wonderfully unique and there’s no value in hiding it. We help you get your signature something (business, mission or message) out to the masses using the power of media. Wanna know more?

Check out Taking Your Center Stage

3. Master Your Life, Mind Your Business!

One week at time! Sign up for YHM free weekly inspiration injection right here. Every Monday, your inbox will receive YHM Monday Morning Mentoring that will set you up for a week of awesome sauce. Don’t miss it!

And yes, we recommend all 3 if they all appeal to you.

Wondering who Your Holistic Mentor (YHM) is?

Stephana Johnson

Meet Stephana Johnson, founder of Your Holistic Mentor. Stephana started her first business at age 11, headed to NYC at 16 as a model and actress, gracing the pages of Vogue, walking the runway for Givenchy and starring in Lily on Saturday. She served in the Houston Police Department as Volunteer Chaplain, created a proprietary system of optimal movement, mindset, and nutrition called Yogilachi® and a personal development program called the P.I.L.O.T. Your Way® method. She is the author of Peace Doesn’t Come In a Pill and Finding Joy Beyond Trauma and has spoken on more than 1000 stages over the past 30 years.

With over 68 certifications and counting, including Certified Holistic Business Marketing Coach, Stephana works with powerhouse leaders who want more results with less BS, for themselves, their team and their bottom line. She is fiercely dedicated to helping her clients do what they do best AND lead a profitable and rewarding life and business.

Over 1100 busy professionals across numerous different industries and 4 continents have been through her programs and many experiencing miraculous transformation, their testimonials are available on her website.

Stephana’s passion for empowering the individual to activate the best version of themselves weaves throughout all she is and does.

She intentionally chooses a life of sustainable simplicity in the Pacific NW with her two sons and their fabulous cat Gigi.

And from here out we’ll use we/YHM interchangeably.

The best thing we know about visibility and profitability is this: it’s learned. That’s right. And it’s the THM mission to help more and more holistic practitioners master their visibility and profitability.

We hold an actual Holistic Business Coach certification (yes there is one). A Holistic Business Coach who helps holistic practitioners and business owners get more visibility and profitability so they straight up love their life. Because anything else is absurd when you think about it.

“What is this place?”

This is a place where you can find free, on point mentoring on the blog or find out more about one or more of THM books or courses that will elevate your impact in the world.

Whether you want to create a massive online presence and grow your list and social platforms to 10K plus (been there, done that!), stand out from the noise with your business using the power of publicity (hey – we’re one of 25,000 coaches in US!), or just get more inspirational mentoring on the regular – you’re home.

“Why should I care?”

You don’t have to. But if you could use more clarity, confidence with a nice balance of visibility and profitability, all you need is here. Exhale!

Start by getting your copy of the 4 Keys to Consistent Clients and get your free weekly confidence injection. It’s the email you look forward to every Monday Morning!

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