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Welcome to Your Holistic Mentor, a safe haven to laugh, to learn and ultimately to leave a lasting legacy leading lives we love.

HI! I’m Stephana (pronounced Stef On’ U like up)  and the purpose of Your Holistic Mentor is to share experiences that integrate whole well being based on the motto: to laugh, to learn and to leave a lasting legacy leading a life I love and help as many others do the same.

On the blog I share my reflections, my experiences whether personal or professional, actually pretty much all areas of my life I’m interested in learning about and willing to share openly if it could help another.

HOLISTIC means, WHOLE which is derived from HOLY.

I don’t segregate or compartmentalize parts of my life. I take in the WHOLE and that’s more than mind, body and spirit but we’ll use that to keep it simple. The fact is our lives are like a dynamic web, each intricate and diverse part connected to the unity of wholeness and effecting more or less the overall experience and outcome of ones life and their impact on the whole of another’s world as well as the world at large. (Can you tell I’ve spent a lot of time thinking on this?)

I’m living a real life, in real time as a girl, a woman, an actress, a model, a happily single mom, a homeschooling teacher, a speaker, an author, a coach, a personal trainer, a healer, an entrepreneur, a business owner…I’m really interested in living life WHOLE and keeping it REAL.



I believe we all have a unique and Divine gift worth sharing with the world.

I’ve been a HEALER at heart for most of my life. Bold statement, let me clarify. I believe that the ONE who is the HEALER, is the one who needs to HEAL. The HEALER is doing the healing for herself as well as the whole.

No one can HEAL us – we must awaken to it ourselves. There is no pill or person who does it for us. Our body, our mind our WHOLE being has built in HEALING codes unique to us. We just have to RECONNECT. Sometimes we need a little SUPPORT along the way.

I believe we can get GENUINE support and we can facilitate another being more able to HEAL. But not everything and everyone out there is genuine – I’ve had my fair share of the in-genuine and for that I stand as an advocate and voice for those who haven’t found their’s YET. Until they do, I and many others continue to fight for them.

From my personal childhood sexual trauma and abuse, to religious and cultural persecution, to near death health crisis, I AM a HEALER many times over. I imagine you are a HEALER as well! I’m really glad you are here, no matter where you are on your journey, we can all learn and all use a little more laughter.

I started this blog with some burning questions:

  • What is the best way for an empathic person with trauma (emotional, physical, sexual…) like mine to actually thrive in this changing world?

  • What does it take to create and sustain a vibrant, beautiful healthy life – body, mind, business, personal, relationships and professional?

  • How do you get clear on your purpose and pursue your passion without burning yourself out and while also earning an honorable living?

What I found in this search was a community of like-minded people sharing many of the same struggles.

Here is where we take back our power, where we reunite with our inner wisdom and together rediscover our deeper connections and our hidden gifts. Where we find our soul’s song and learn to express it fearlessly using our miraculous mind and body!

If you have a passion for creating a better life, for helping others and improving the world, but have no interest in being a martyr or victim, this is the place for you.

I usually publish new articles and podcasts two to three times per week and always seek to serve my readers. If you don’t want to miss a thing, sign up for updates and a free chapter from Peace Doesn’t Come In a Pill where I explain my P.I.L.O.T.  Method by entering your email below:


Who is this gal?

Originally from Mesa, AZ, I moved to NYC to pursue acting and modeling at a very young age (16). I paid the bills between gigs by working as a fitness trainer and as a night receptionist at a big record label.  Born to visionary parents who found a religion developed by a science fiction writer, I too spent years studying and applying it to help my fellow mankind.

After years of seeing that it’s not the method but the intention that helps another, I abandoned the idea of organized religion and created my own “practice” for whole well being and making a difference in the world. I think my father would approve.

I’ve modeled, guest-starred and even starred in hundreds of magazines, commercials and films. I’m also a speaker, author and coach and personal trainer with over 60 certifications in the health and wellness industry. If you’re interested in having me come speak or work with you, check out my work with me page.

After a year of owning my own fitness studio and the long hard hours and hefty overhead, I closed it the end of January 2017. I streamlined my Yogilachi programs so I could better lead a life I love. Now I focus my time coaching clients from my home,  sharing my expansive knowledge and first hand experience with others through this blog and spending as much quality time with my family as I can possibly fit in each day.

I live in the beautiful Pacific NW with my amazing boys and our cat GiGi.

I’ve written two books including Finding Joy Beyond Trauma (February 2015) and Peace Doesn’t Come In A Pill (February 2017), teach online courses and coach programs (including the popular Yogilachi: TRANSFORM), and am pretty sure I make the world’s best RAW VEGAN German Chocolate Cake so good and healthy I’d  serve it for breakfast.

Me and my boys!
Me and my boys!

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