Hippocrates is Right – Digestion Is At The Root Cause of All Disease

Hippocrates said “All disease begins in the gut”.

When it comes to chronic disease, no doubt the root cause stems from poor digestion.

Improving your digestion is the one thing toward holistic health that can make the most positive difference in your well being.

When people come to me after trying every diet out there and still can’t seem to lose weight – I know it’s their digestion.

When I see clients who say they have the best diet ever, yet complain of low energy, skin issues or cravings of sugar. I go straight to addressing digestion. Because even if you are eating the “best diet ever”,  if your digestion is not working properly you may not be assimilating your nutrients.

One of the questions I ask every client is about their bathroom habits – it may not be a pleasant topic but it’s vital. My grandmother knew that if you were sick – there was something wrong in the train station.

If you eat and experience ANY of the following – there is likely something non optimum with your digestion and a back log in the “train station”.

Abdominal cramps




Abdominal pain & discomfort


Alternating constipation and diarrhea

Passing mucus



Let’s look at why your digestion may be out of balance.

What causes bad digestion?

Eating very quickly, not chewing your food well.

Eating while on the run/while multi tasking, watching TV, reading, texting, checking social media, etc.

When your body is in the sympathetic state  your “rest and digest” branch of your nervous system or the parasympathetic state is off. When your sympathetic nervous state is fired up, your body produces adrenaline which takes blood away from your stomach and lowers stomach acid so you won’t digest food very well.

The gut flora can be out of balance. This is especially true for those who have taken a lot of antibiotics over their lives.

What can you do to improve digestion?

Chew your food slowly and completely – your stomach does not have teeth, let your mouth and teeth do their job.

St in peace and in a comfortable place without distractions or stressful conversations.

Do not read anything while eating.

Be present with your food and breathe.

Eat from a place of gratitude and breathe.

Put time aside each day to plan, prepare and enjoy healthy and relaxing meals.

Keep your portion sizes about the size of your fist so you’re not eating too much.

Eat living foods like kimchi, fermented veggies and fresh greens with every meal – these foods have built in enzymes to help digest the food.

It’s best not to drink with meals – and never drink ice water with meals.

I find that most of my clients are low on  HCL and benefit greatly with a supplement of digestive enzymes,

Put your fork or spoon down in between bites.

Drink water between meals.

Digestion requires a lot of energy and resources so you must do everything you can to take extra stress off of your body.

You will be amazed how much better you feel when you begin to improve your digestion with these simple and effective tips.

A Natural Remedy For Migraines That WORKS and No Awful Side Effects

Last year my husband and two boys were on their way up to Vashon Island for NVC Family Camp in my mini-van. As they were exiting the I-5 they were rear ended by an SUV. While my husband and older son were not too badly effected my youngest son Dax who was in the furthest back has suffered with migraines since the accident.

When a parent sees their child laying on the floor screaming in pain as they clutch their head it’s a heartbreaking.  The times I have felt helpless have been few but this is that moment when all that comes over you is to stop the pain. We have been to doctors, chiros, cranial sacral therapist, done energy work, adjusted diet (if you know me, you know we eat really well – no gluten, no dairy, whole foods, etc but I became even more vigilant).

I am always studying, reading, searching, asking for answers, not just for my son but for every single client and anyone who ever asks me about a holistic approach to help them with something. I keep searching because I know there is a solution to the root of the problem – not just a pill to mask a symptom.

Recently in my studies in herbs I found a wonderful new book called Alchemy of Herbs by Rosalee de La Foret. In it she describes essential kitchen herbs with a new light.

It was one paragraph that stood out – that of GINGER and it’s effects on migraines that had me excited.

While I couldn’t get my son to down straight ginger, I’ve started making more things with ginger. A ginger kefir “soda pop”. But my favorite is the Warm Gold Milk.

Here’s my recipe but I always encourage you to try your own and start building your own HEALING KITCHEN LAB NOTEBOOK!

Today I used 1 can of Organic Coconut Milk – full fat. I used 1 T of Coconut cream (oil) 2 teaspoons ginger (powder) 1 T turmeric (powder) 1 tiny pinch of black pepper (finely ground) in a saucepan. Warming, not quite a boil, Stirring constantly. Then I put the whole thing in my Vitamix and blended with about 1 T raw honey. Made 2 cups. Drink warm as this is so soothing but I think it is good when it’s cool too.

I’ve modified her Warm Golden Milk recipe a bit as my son cannot tolerate dairy of any kind and my other son cannot tolerate any pepper or capsicum. But the knowledge and this recipe has been not only a treat but a real solution to migraines for my son. I noticed since I began making and drinking this I have not suffered any migraines or any form of head ache which would sometimes occur weekly.

The most frustrating can be when you don’t know the cause – but knowing that ginger, and we use it in the form of the golden milk drink so turmeric is in there as well, I will continue to look into the properties of ginger and see what the root cause might be.

Since Ginger has a long history of use for relieving digestive problems such as nausea, loss of appetite, motion sickness and pain and since I know ALL disease, illness stems from digestion in one form or another, this gives me more to work with.

We already know our digestion has been under attack since even when we are in the womb. With the understnading now that micro organism populate the gut and the intestines and anywhere we have an imbalance we will see problems. With the onslaught of over use and over prescribing of anti-biotics we are being attacked directly through this outdated thought process of doctoring.

That’s one more step to take back control of our health.

A few things I learned doing just a little more research on Ginger. I knew it was awesome but did you know?  It’s been called “universal medicine” but don’t take my word for it. Here is another great book to take a look at.

The Way of Ayurvedic Herbs: The Most Complete Guide to Natural Healing and …

By Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa, Michael Tierra



Live (EAT EXERCISE MEDITATE WAKE UP) like no one else now so later you can live like no one else

It’s not easy to get up a bit early to exercise or meditate or improve yourself in some way, but like Dave Ramsey says about money,“Live like no one else now so later you can live like no one else”.

This morning while coaching my Yogilachi TRANSFORM clients on their day 50 of 101 days, I shared photos of one of the participants. The change is phenomenal. But not unrealistic!

We had a discussion about where we are as a culture and how much we have been intentionally set up to be sick, fat, tired and not ask WHY?

I’m doing Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (again!) and I realized what he talks about with money applies to our health too!

We as a culture have been fed lies that it’s ok to be sick. Just take a pill for it. We’ve been manipulated into thinking it’s normal to be overweight, obese and sedentary. “Just have surgery and take another pill.” It’s this insane instant gratification mentality – “Here buy this to feel better? Oh you don’t have the money, here charge it… “.

No responsibility for your thoughts, emotions or actions- if you don’t like it – just take a pill or charge it or blame somebody else and then go watch reality tv or sTROLL facebook. UGGHHH!! Sorry, there is a DIRECT CAUSE to every EFFECT you have in your life – positive and negative.

At this point though, we can’t afford to continue to be this ignorant (IGNORE ants).

There is a health crisis – not just physical, but mental, emotional and spiritual. The symptoms are you being over weight, symptom of being unmotivated and continuing the same way day after day – sit at your desk all day, get in your car and grab fast food, sit some more. Then go home and plop down in front of the boob tube or your computer or your screen of choice and sit some more.

How can this be even remotely healthy, smart, good for you?

You know, it’s barely 7 weeks and 3 women have completely changed the trajectory of their lives – yes they’re down up to 15 pounds each, dozens of inches. But more than that, they are taking back their power of thought, their thinking about food differently, thinking about what they are doing with their bodies on a daily basis. They are aware of where they spend their time – the most precious commodity. They are aware and making wise choices of where they spend their money – instead of letting the marketing machine control where they put their money.

The results are amazing for these 3 women – and it makes me so proud and honored to support them! But you know what – it also makes me sad, because the ratio is something like 3 in 91 that actually DO something about their health on a daily basis – and NO taking a pill doesn’t fit the bill. It just makes one more billable person to the machine out there.

I believe you can and should be your own best advocate but until you are there, if you’ve read to here then send me an email and let me know you’ve had enough. If you are ready to take back control of your life you CAN!

Here is an upcoming event to support you:

21 Day Optimal Health Challenge. This session starts May 7, 2017 with a Practice Presence in the Park (it’s an awesome group awareness/movement is meditation) and you can join us live in Vancouver, WA or virtually around the globe!

I’m taking pre-registration for the Yogilachi  TRANSFORM 101  summer session which begins July 17, 2017 ( 6 more spots available and training is in my home studio in Camas, WA)

Simple, Delicious Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Low Fat Frittata

Sometimes it’s hard to make a healthy breakfast. There’s lots of “fast” high carb, processed, packaged options for sure.

But it’s easy to make a better choice with this easy recipe. It’s the perfect balance of quality protein and fresh greens to start your day.

A simple recipe that everyone can enjoy:

Preheat over to 350 degrees

4 eggs and 4 pieces of lean turkey bacon (we use Coleman’s natural turkey bacon) and blend gently in the blender. If you like it more hash like, blend pieces longer. Otherwise you can keep them chunky.

Lightly coat glass baking dish with olive oil

Take a handful of baby spinach (washed and towel dried with stems removed) and place in the dish

Pour the above egg/bacon mixture over the spinach leaves.

Place in oven and bake until no longer runny – if you prefer more crispy leave it in longer.

Should be firm and easy to serve. You can also make these in cupcake pan. Line with olive oil and scoop out once baked.

If you tolerate cheese – you can add cheese for sure. Even sprinkle on top and bake. In fact, this recipe is basic you can add all kinds of goodies like peppers, onions etc.

But the above is our standby and free of most allergens.

Needing help in the kitchen or with your health and nutrition? Check out more on the blog or give me a call. I have an opening for the 4 month Holistic Nutrition coaching program that will have you confident and competent in the kitchen in no time.

You and your family will experience feeling better, looking better and enjoying more quality time together over delicious healthy meal!