The Vital Connection Between Brain and Digestion

Monday Morning Mentoring

The connection between the brain and the gut is one of the most important concepts for us to understand in this day and age of overly processed diets.

Our brains require at least 25% of our nutrient intake. So if we are eating a poor diet, you can bet your brain will not output much of anything of quality. We see this in a higher rate of suicide, depression, anxiety. We see this in an inability to focus, anger and emotional difficulties.

We need to take a deeper look at this correlation, personally as well as a nation.

While I said 25%, that is for adults. Infants require over 85% of nutrients for the brain health and a child – 45%. So if we are not aware of the correlation of gut and digestive health and the brain, we are not addressing the source of the problems we face as a culture.

What is the absolute worse thing you can do for your brain – feed it —- did you guess it?? YES! SUGAR!! That glucose is NOT helping the brain. What does the brain need? What is it’s primary building block – FAT. But not any kind of FAT – we need nutrient dense, toxin free fats. That’s going to look like pasture raised, organic, wild caught in clean waters – animal tissue. That’s been really hard for me to get around being a 12 year vegan. But folks, the science is out. We are not meant to thrive as vegans.

Healthy Brain Function Requires Healthy Sleep

Monday Morning Mentoring

We’ve been talking about the brain all month! What actions have you started to take to improve brain health and optimize your brain?

Here are my top daily actions I apply to keep my brain and my boys brains functioning optimally.


  • Healthy fats like avocado, coconut oil, olives, salmon, organ meats, macadamia nuts and walnuts, pure water and sometimes green and macha tea
  • Connection and belonging – volunteering, contributing to others in a positive way through our neighborhood, community, etc
  • Positive habits – kind thoughts to self and others, honesty/integrity, gratitude
  • Regular exercise preferably out doors. Learning some new activity, crossing the midline, blind fold games, improving the sensory and function of all senses.
  • Sunshine, fresh air, fresh water, lessening toxic loads from digital/screen time and toxic people, toxins in the form of pollution and food and clothing toxins by buying organic, growing our own where we can, shutting down grid at night.
  • Good night sleep and resting with silence and quiet time built in throughout the day. Allowing for natural transitions from work, play, learning and sleep

These are just a few.

To lead a life you love, you have to love yourself and your life enough to set out on a healthy path that nourishes not only your body, but your brain too!

Minding the Brain for Optimal Performance

Monday Morning Mentoring

The month of January is BRAIN health focus here at Yogilachi. Last week we looked at nutrition and Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) as part of healthy brain function.

This week we are talking about a pretty neat component of the brain called the reticular activating system or RAS for short.

This handy little mechanism in our brain keeps us from going unconscious due to over stimulation from our surroundings. It helps us process or filter out so we only “receive” what we really need, or what it calculates we only really need.

Now I want to introduce you to another concept the CON or Control center and we’ll use the word RAS CON. I can’t take credit for this, it actually came from a book I read during the time I was in to Psychocybernetics. The author made great sense about the brain and especially the reticular activating system. So over the past 10 years I’ve used this principle for myself and the last several years with my clients. It’s genius. It’s simple. It’s workable and it’s fast.

Join me this Friday LIVE on FB and I’ll walk you through a basic RAS CON meditation.

Taking on Our Brain

Monday Morning Mentoring - Happy New Year!

If I only had a brain!

Well you do! We all do and we better start taking better care of it and fast!

This month  (January 2018 HAPPY NEW YEAR!) we are focused on BRAIN HEALTH!

Did you know your brain is 60% fat? WHOA! So, that fat free diet I put myself on for years and was sold to us for a generation, perhaps was about the worst thing we did for that generations brain and body health. Yep. Just look at the epidemic of mental and physical dis-ease and obesity. It’s even worse than shag carpet and perms…(trying for some humor and to lighten up a bit this year. We’ll see how long that lasts)

Luckily our bodies (and brains) are amazing miracles and can HEAL! That’s right!

So this month we are focused on actions we can take right now – for better brain health.

Ready!? Let’s do this!