How To Be a Self Directed Thinker

Master Key Master Mind Experience

Don Miguel Ruiz said it beautifully in The Four Agreement – Don’t Assume Anything.

My dad said it well too – To Assume makes an ASS out of U and Me.

Any way you look at it, most of our made up world is assumption. But it’s only natural! Why?

Because, there are vortexes, vacuums of energy everywhere. And if you weren’t taught how to turn the vacuum off or regulate the openings, you and I, my friend will be ASSuming our worlds and it will feel like it’s got the velocity of a fire hose and your world will look like a SH&* storm (just picture THAT! GROSS!) overwhelm, smelly, distasteful,  some days boring, unfulfilled, and some other days like you are a live wire ready to electrocute any other ASSuming soul around you. I get it!

For me, this week it’s been at a pretty intense velocity but I consciously made a choice and set my intentions on this path long, long ago. And I recommitted to this path back in September of 2017 when I started the Master Key Master Mind Alliance – experience. And I bloody well recommit again TODAY!

For to be a self directed thinker is what I am after.

You too?


Here are my take aways this week.


Daily and multiple times a day even if it’s 5 minutes on super busy days or 30 when you have more time. MUST SIT – silent, and BE. yup just BE. Forgot how? I know! Well, you’ll remember soon enough. So, just BE!!  Check!


Daily and multiple times a day….


Clearing is essential. Why? Because we are getting so much energy in terms of thoughts, emotions, words, pictures, images, concepts, energy, electrical frequencies, toxins, bla bla bla and on and on… ad nauseum… that if we don’t clear –  there is going to get some pretty clogged up guck and you are not going to have ANY room for your own thought.

Tools on clearing are to be had all over. I have my own Diamonds I’ve cultivated over the years and talk about them here on the blog and teach them to everyone who wants to learn and share them as well in my book Peace Doesn’t Come In a Pill: The P.I.L.O.T. Your Way Method to Happiness and Success….Plug for you and the google bots…and of course plenty of tools on the pretty darn awesome Master Key experience! Yay for that!

Right in this moment, if you keep the above two in balance and your BASICS are attended to – sleep, pure water, optimal movement and nutrition, air/sunshine, nourishment (love, connection, food) shelter from elements…you get the idea –  things work out just fine and you’ll be on your way to being the awesome self directed thinker that you are – in REAL life.

If you haven’t started the 7 day mental diet challenge – do it now. We are just a few weeks away from rockin’ another 6 month master mind and scholarship opens on my birthday 9-6!





A Delay is NOT a Denial

Master Key Master Mind Alliance Experience Week 20 something

Have you seen all the master mind groups on line? Are you aware of the numerous resurgence of “master minds”?

Likely it is just reticular activating system in me that has me seeing “master mind” (join this powerful master mind to be a millionaire, business whiz, facebook guru, fitness mastermind, mom master mind, etc). While I am being a bit facetious, I have been in several “master minds’ over the past 5 years. One in the 5 figures – that wasn’t worth the paper the money was printed on.

Here’s what I learned – most people have no clue what a real MASTER MIND is or what the REAL purpose of a MASTER MIND fulfills.

I won’t spoil it here, not yet at least. Suffice it to say, I’ve made it my job to fully understand what and why master mind, master minding, master mind alliances might be valuable and how to create one/ones in my life that serve a valuable purpose in my life and those in the master mind.

As the energy vibration moves faster the higher the frequency the chi (spirit, elan, life force)  becomes, well, manifestation happens that much faster.  Connect with others in a mutual MASTER MIND and well, I have a warning: careful what you wish for!!


If You Think You Are Crazy – You Are Definitely NOT!

Master Key Master Mind Week 28

Get this, I’ve been dealing with a situation for over a year and a half that is utterly and completely – NUTS!

It’s full of lies, altered facts, half truths, un-truths, wrong time, wrong information and it just continues to be NUTS!

For months I thought I was crazy. I thought there was something wrong with me – that I was bad, stupid, insane, losing my mind and it really took me into a tail spin.

Talk about crash and burn.

That said, only someone who can actually look at themselves and think “wow, I must be crazy”, is actually the one who is SANE!

Because someone who is insane could NEVER do that. They don’t have the ability to assume any form of  responsibility and would never think they have done anything wrong. Even when they are deliberately poisoning the human race  – they smile and say it’s for their own good.

So if you find yourself thinking you are crazy – STOP.

Take a moment and look around at WHO is in your life. What are they saying – likely FALSITIES, LIES, ALTERED TRUTH, HALF TRUTHS.

And it will make you feel completely and utterly bat SHIT crazy!

Rest assured…you are in no way bat guano!

But you better shine the TRUTH BEAMS and facts fast. Not necessarily to the source of the LIES because they will do EVERYTHING to make YOU into the lunatic.

Our world is full of these folks. They are known as psychopaths, sociopaths. The pedophiles, the sex trafficking scum bags, the despicable landlords, the adulteress schmucks and so on.

There are at least 20% of those EVIL SCUM BAGS on this planet and the 80% that are effected start feeling like they are nuts.

Well we need to wake up folks!

Start with TRUTH for yourself. Think for yourself. Get silent and get into the present moment.

I’ve got loads more to say on this and tools to share to shatter this oppression, suppression and evil crap on this planet – but not just yet. Just you wait cuz it’s a coming. Mama ain’t taking any more of it. But there is a time, there is a place and there is a way that is effective.

And folks, if you think you can just vibrate some higher vibe and it’ll all go away – think again.

We have to start really waking up to the big TRUTH. We have to care enough to get out of that cozy little cocoon and put your big BEING wings on. It’s going to take some big power folks – it’s definitely going to take a WILL bigger than what’s out there right now.

Meanwhile, surround yourself with high vibration friends, allies, co-workers and train your kiddos up so they can decipher, differentiate and annihilate any low vibed creepers.

‘Nough said.






We All Need A Little Vitamin Sea and See and C

Master Key Master Mind Alliance Week 26 Experience

My boys have just left with their dad.

There is always a dual sensation within. Loss and a relaxing of muscles.

The first is a natural maternal feeling. The second, intentional.

They have been gone 6 minutes and I miss them already. It’s exactly what I need as a reminder of how precious they are to me and to NEVER EVER take them or a single moment with them for granted.

In 47 minutes I will be unplugging the internet, shutting off my phone and going into the silence.

I need to sleep first, but then I when I am ready I will get in my car and drive to the coast.

Upon arrival I will BE.

This is the only thing that is calling me – the lighthouse in an otherwise chaotic, overworked, overtaxed, overextended exhilarating existence in this high octane life of mine.

I’ve begun reading Master Key from intro and now on Lesson 4.

I am grateful for this post view – it’s as if I have never seen it before. But it’s in me. It’s in me, because I practiced it for 6 months.

I desire to create a local master mind connection as well as global and continue on as a Guide in the MKMMA. It is worthy of my time and treasure and talent. I’m grateful to have the opportunity. Temples, churches, synagogues do not hold the solution I once sought. We must now go forth on our own. But community is essential.

I won’t sacrifice my sovereignty and my self directed thoughts for community. Instead I will build one and they will come.

My MM partners V and N are anchors in a stormy sea – no they are the playful dolphins rescuing when needed, otherwise playfully exploring this beautiful ocean of life.

I am so grateful.


The residual effects of the divorce are old blueprints, patterns pulling me back to an outmoded resource. It’s ok. I know how to navigate this. I am wiser now. Yes, older too.

I can do this. I am smart enough. I am strong enough.

I want so much to bring Yogilachi® to the world. Knowing that I can help someone get out of pain without drugs and surgery – knowing this with every part of my being. And being able to teach this to them so they can be back in control of their health…how can I not want to share this with the world. For now, just with my community here. What is the block on this studio? Why is there still struggle with this landlord? Why is there still lies allowed on this line?

I will clear what needs clearing for me – for my universe. Then let go. I will set the intention and focus my thoughts. I will allow. I will hold the highest good and best outcome for all.

What a gift to be able to go to Cirque du Soleil Crystal and to Marrakesh last night. How grateful I am to share this beautiful experience with my boys because of gifts from a wonderful and generous client. I am grateful.

Glorious gratitude.

Whatever else, I am grateful.