Guardians at the Gate

MKMMA Week 2, Year 2 Experience

Things are moving at hyper speed now.

The steps, the actions, the habits I’ve built beginning last year with the MKMMA are now ingrained in my life.

There is no more procrastination. There is enthusiasm in abundance.

“Today I begin a new life” – I still love this and do I read it 3 times a day now on my year 2. I don’t. I have a new scripture that I read this month. Because that’s the greatest thing about being the master of your own world.

We are building a new reality with each thought. Each day.

PPNs *Personal Pivotal Needs – True Health and Liberty. I see blue sky.

The mind can only hold 1 thing at a time. So CHOOSE! Be vigilant and the guardian at the gate of your every thought!

Fill your mind with the things you love and that you love to see happen in your life – and the things you love will show up in your life!!

How Important is Happiness, Health, Well Being, Prosperity…to you?

Master Key Master Mind Alliance Experience Year 2 Week 1

This will be the second year using the Master Keys through the MKMMA channel. This year, I decided to be a guide. Not because I felt I would be a fabulous guide (not yet anyway) but because I learn exponentially when I am in a leadership (teaching type) roll. So I stepped up as a Master Key Guide to help others and myself simultaneously – cool right?

Leadership is one of those nebulous, multi faceted words with countless theories of practice. It can look like the scattered, whack-a-do leaders or it can look like a dictatorial, power hungry, control freak, or it can look like micro managing, etc. I’m sure you get the idea.

Leadership for me is huge – in fact, my passion is helping Powerhouse Leaders® (a name I’ve now registered and branded as my vehicle to facilitate positive powerful transformation planet wide -:)) recharge their inner “power source” and I’m writing all about this in my upcoming book “Powerhouse Leader” scheduled for release in 2019.

My perspective as a guide this year is one that allows me to step back into the “aware of being aware” role that I prefer, while also implementing the new and old Tools for Optimal Life!

Let’s look at Og first – scroll 1. Great reminder of the power of habits and process vs outcome – again, a lot of good data around this but also old. I’ve studied Dr. Joe Dispenza a lot this year and the super powers that we have can blow “habits” out of the water. We know that we have to wire our neural pathways when we are operating in the frequency of matter, energy, space and time.

But! if we step into the Awareness of being Aware – well…things can change very fast. So that framework around habits and time is ultimately another illusion. However, if you are really mired in to those illusions, well, use the 21 days, 60+ days etc belief that it takes to make, change, undo rewire a “habit”. That’s one workable solution for that old framework.

Ok, now to get to the purpose of the title of today’s post: In Master Keys lesson 1, Haanel talks about the “getting the …. consciousness”. Get the health, wealth, happiness consciousness if what you want is health, wealth, happiness, etc. YUP! That’s fairly a no brainer and easy to do. EXCEPT when we get distracted….right?!?

Take a look at any news station, social media or other outside mainstream channel today and you are going to be bombarded with the most insane, stinky, stupid horse puckey around. And guess what…it’s set up that way so your “consciousness is filled” with a whole lot of horse puckey (at times I prefer the straight up  S$%* word but for those gentler readers I’ve modified it, you’re welcome!).

So what’s a person to do?! We must focus! FOCUS on the “getting into the consciousness” you DO want! Is it health? Happiness? Wealthy? Love? Joy? Peace? Understanding? Well…get THAT consciousness and FILL up on it! So full that there is NO room – not even a crack left for anything other than what you WANT!

And how do you do that? Well, Haanel is going to teach you with some exercises to apply after each of the lessons.

And at the end of the first lesson, the exercise he has you tackle is to get you to SIT – still, 100% STILL for 15 minutes. How hard is that for ya? For me, way back when…nearly impossible. Now? It’s my sanctuary! Plus I went through a dogmatic training system that had 2 hour SITS before you could “pass” to the next step – not even to blink or scratch an itch! So, 15 ?!  easy peasy!

Overall, gotta say, I’m super excited! I love my Tribe! I always benefit from being “plugged in” to a MASTER MIND! And the tools, while some are a bit archaic, still have merit! And I’ve adapted. Neville Goddard is still the most streamlined right to it from the I AM. So he’ll be my favorite for a long time to come and he’s still my primary daily study. All the cool stuff that came out when Neville, Haanel, Hill… does make me wonder if there was something going on in the early 20th century that we’ve got all of these great works. Neville uses the allegory of the Bible and Haanel does not – but they work nicely together. All so very fascinating to me.

If you want to get started on your own path to discovering the most important person in the world (hint: it’s YOU!!) and you want a little more help from me, I would start with the 7 Day Mental Diet Challenge – You can grab that here:

The Legacy of Neil Simon

Master Key Master Mind Experience First Year

Personal Pivotal Needs is something we talk a lot about in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance.

These are everything to us.

Legacy is one of those “PPNs”.

Legacy is usually defined as leaving an amount of money or property left to someone in a will.

Legacy is not the most pivotal need for me at this time, but I’d like to honor the legacy left by someone that impacted huge chunks of my youth and early adult life. And I’d like to think his Legacy is a whole lot more than about money and I bet Mr. Simon would as well.

Neil Simon was one of my favorite playwrights. I’ve been out of theatre and “the biz” for a bit. But just a few days ago at the fabulous age of 91 the prolific Mr. Neil Simon departed this playing field and it stirred up so much in me that had been long packed away.

I began to recall my past life as an actress in both stage and screen and dug out some of my most treasured and very worn plays. I was truly blessed to play Diane in California Suite back in the 80s. Way off Broadway and I’ll leave it at that. But the preparation and exploration of the character and the play itself, shifted so much of who I thought I was up to that point.

Brighton Beach Memoirs was the second of Neil Simon’s I was cast in. The group who performed this brilliant play became a second family and I’d never eaten so much boiled cabbage in my life!

To me, Neil Simon’s art was the epitome of visceral story telling, so rich that an actor could completely surrender to the voices of the brilliant emotional journeys and ride the waves of the sometimes subtle, biting depth of pain lightened only by sheer genius wit.

His movies and plays changed my attitude about so many things, they taught me so many things I had zero understanding about!

He could write each character with a depth of genuine emotion and vulnerability that satiated a starving actor that no meal would satisfy. He had a way with characters and each experience that was like the sweetest kiss or the most bitter lemon.

He had the most amazing ability to extract humor from the saddest experience and weave characters, whether bit or lead, that all could identify with. He showed how sad and funny life can be and brought humor to such tragic situations and yet did it in a very human way.

His legacy lives on in a big way in my world and has inspired me to bring it back with my boys. I can’t wait to snuggle up and watch Neil Simon’s Barefoot in the Park, the Odd Couple and California Suite on the next movie night.

Thank you. Deeply and profoundly. Honoring you Mr. Neil Simon. Thank you!

How To Be a Self Directed Thinker

Master Key Master Mind Experience

Don Miguel Ruiz said it beautifully in The Four Agreement – Don’t Assume Anything.

My dad said it well too – To Assume makes an ASS out of U and Me.

Any way you look at it, most of our made up world is assumption. But it’s only natural! Why?

Because, there are vortexes, vacuums of energy everywhere. And if you weren’t taught how to turn the vacuum off or regulate the openings, you and I, my friend will be ASSuming our worlds and it will feel like it’s got the velocity of a fire hose and your world will look like a SH&* storm (just picture THAT! GROSS!) overwhelm, smelly, distasteful,  some days boring, unfulfilled, and some other days like you are a live wire ready to electrocute any other ASSuming soul around you. I get it!

For me, this week it’s been at a pretty intense velocity but I consciously made a choice and set my intentions on this path long, long ago. And I recommitted to this path back in September of 2017 when I started the Master Key Master Mind Alliance – experience. And I bloody well recommit again TODAY!

For to be a self directed thinker is what I am after.

You too?


Here are my take aways this week.


Daily and multiple times a day even if it’s 5 minutes on super busy days or 30 when you have more time. MUST SIT – silent, and BE. yup just BE. Forgot how? I know! Well, you’ll remember soon enough. So, just BE!!  Check!


Daily and multiple times a day….


Clearing is essential. Why? Because we are getting so much energy in terms of thoughts, emotions, words, pictures, images, concepts, energy, electrical frequencies, toxins, bla bla bla and on and on… ad nauseum… that if we don’t clear –  there is going to get some pretty clogged up guck and you are not going to have ANY room for your own thought.

Tools on clearing are to be had all over. I have my own Diamonds I’ve cultivated over the years and talk about them here on the blog and teach them to everyone who wants to learn and share them as well in my book Peace Doesn’t Come In a Pill: The P.I.L.O.T. Your Way Method to Happiness and Success….Plug for you and the google bots…and of course plenty of tools on the pretty darn awesome Master Key experience! Yay for that!

Right in this moment, if you keep the above two in balance and your BASICS are attended to – sleep, pure water, optimal movement and nutrition, air/sunshine, nourishment (love, connection, food) shelter from elements…you get the idea –  things work out just fine and you’ll be on your way to being the awesome self directed thinker that you are – in REAL life.

If you haven’t started the 7 day mental diet challenge – do it now. We are just a few weeks away from rockin’ another 6 month master mind and scholarship opens on my birthday 9-6!