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Master Key Master Mind Alliance Week 23

Today – Friday, March 16, 2018, I will walk in to the family court house and they will stamp documents saying my marriage is over. 17 + years that season has ended. But a new friendship and better relationship has already sprouted because those seeds were planted on day one of MKMMA back in September.

I am grateful.

Yesterday – I took initiative.  I emailed my old landlord and his property manager called me and we spoke. I listened, defenselessness with acceptance and responsibility. I have no attachment to any outcome. Truth is truth and will always be truth. Perception is not truth. Truth melts the lies.

Law of Least Effort

I am grateful.

Wednesday – I carried out actions with joy, gratitude and wonder. I kept my own council. I received kindness. I gave kindnesses.

I am grateful.

Tuesday – I began working with a new client – my ideal client.

Law of Least Effort

I am grateful.

Monday – I supported my clients, my boys and myself from a place of truth, pureness of heart and intention. The gal in the glass is proud and happy.

I am grateful.

Law of Least Effort.

Sunday – I shared connection with my master mind, my boys and my self and was reminded of the great law of least effort. I worked in our garden and there parsley and strawberry plants were already vibrant with life. I am grateful.

I brought out my books from Chopra that are ready to come back again – some of the most profound yet simple shifts took place reading his books in the 90s. I smile as I go through the well worn pages and highlights and notes. An old friend returns. Warm and cozy feelings. I am grateful. Law of Least Effort.

Saturday – I taught 7 women how to access their own “life records” aka Akashic Records, Book of Life at the New Renaissance bookstore and they left glowing and empowered. I am grateful. Truth. The power of simplicity in our own power. Our power to be self directed thinkers. To tune in to our own Divine guidance and KNOW for OURSELVES – TRUTH. The only TRUTH that IS.

I am grateful.

I am grateful.

I am grateful.

Law of Least Effort.

A flower does not blossom because it is forced. It just does.

A strawberry does not hate itself because it needs a year off  to be dormant before it fruits again. It knows. Blessed ONES.

Bamboo. Dormant for years. Then 60 inches in 3 days. GIFTED.

Law of Least Effort.

Each in it’s own time.

THEY know. Law of Least Effort.




Law of Least Effort.



Man is his own star…

Master Key Master Mind Experience Week 23

Ah…this week! THIS WEEK! WOW!

Powerful. Profound. Exhilarating.

This is the definition of compounding Effects!! Mark mentions it every single week. Well, this past week…WOW!! I mean really. I can’t say anything else.

But I will of course…

First, I read Emerson’s Self-Reliance. And of course I always feel more intelligent when I read his beautiful words!

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

Second, Og’s scroll 6. Oh my!! Yes, we must, we can, I must, I can – control my emotions! And in this scroll he gives precise actions to take whether it’s sadness, illness or other. Loved playing with this! My boys and I explored a variety of these emotions and changing them by changing out actions! It reminds me of Laughter Yoga — a fabulous TOOL to have in your arsenal!

Next, Wallace Wattles, the Science of Getting Rich!! Oh how I love this book. If I could have only one book – well, my friends, this would be it. I read this entire book out loud into my recorder when my boys were 3 and 6. So I get enormous joy out of listening to the audio of it with my little guys in the background! Best ever.

With our action steps, or service card – I had 1 item to accomplish – get my own bedroom, the boys with each their own bed in their own room!! And I did it almost as if by MAGIC!! With the help of my dear friend who is a feng shui expert, I went from having one bed to 3 beds in a couple of days. Bought, built and set up. The boys transitioned into this new sleeping arrangement and excited about having their own space! Oh I am so very happy about this!!!

So, the experiences that can and do happen during the MKMMA 6 month journey are unique and profound! I don’t even want to think of what my life would be like right now if I had not committed to doing this back in September. I get down on my knees with GRATITUDE!!!


Cause Over Life

Master Key Master Mind Alliance Experience Week 22

Coinciding with the Master Key Lesson 22 is the change to Og Mandino’s Scroll 6 as well as the introduction of SILENCE.

To me, these 3 components are paramount to the lost manual for operating successfully in life.

I can’t help but desire that more people experience this knowledge and understanding of how to regain their own control over their body, their mind, their emotions, their life.

I think since I came into this life time I have searched and studied. I have spent countless hours and unspeakable amounts of money searching for this answer. I chose my parents and knew that scientology would be a part of my process. I spent my childhood seeing a different world of it’s people and the “religion”. Then I studied it myself and became a highly trained auditor and a chaplain of the church – (auditor is essentially a specifically trained counselor, therapist in the tools and techniques of the body of knowledge known as dianetics and scientology) Actually, there is not another name for auditor – scientology defines it fine when it’s someone who listens and computes…clearly more to it but it’s much more than a counselor. The original goal of scientology was to wake man up, to free the spirit (called thetan in scientology) and train him how 1. not to become trapped again 2. help others get untrapped 3. expand abilities.

I do not know what they as an organization are doing these days, as I observed it, it become a systematically oppressive bureaucratic cult with intentions to harm by mind control – exactly what I believe the founder had created to UNdo. I will always have my knowledge and understanding, my experience and tools however. And for that I’m grateful.

I’m asking myself, how does the above color my experience of the MKMMA? Well, it’s quite interesting to me. The similarities of concepts are clear. With MKMMA we have more of a tapestry that works well together. Instead of a singular body of one man’s viewpoint. I like this piece a lot and think it’s workable for many people. I think it is another stepping stone on the awakening. But as with any body of work, not for everyone.

From start to finish this week, I believe this is my favorite so far. But is it just because of the culmination of everything at this point? Possibly.

Beginning with Joseph Campbell’s Power of Myth! Oh how I love this series!! Bill’s interview is awe inspiring! I get chills of excitement at understanding these concepts with more depth. I can’t tell you how many times I watched these over the last 20 years, always something new! When I first saw it, I had no understanding of MYTH and would fall asleep. I was inculcated into a dogma that I couldn’t think of anything outside of that box. Intentionally made that way in scientology – one reason why I would never suggest someone seek answers there at this time.

Lesson 22 continues to expound on the concepts of vibration and thought as the senior operating force in man. This is vital to understand as our thoughts are being controlled by external agenda on a moment to moment basis. I think the most important solution is what was introduced this week – doing a longer silent sit. 72 hours ideally. Because I sit in the silence daily and have done many hours intentionally in the silence,I understand this and know the power.

But more so as a part Native, I know this as a “Vision Quest” a name given by “white man” but it fits nicely for now. For me, this is a right of passage and vital for every human being. My son is 12 now, I watch for the signs now. I was 10 on my first. But I see him ready and I am preparing for this. Dax at 9 has already had his first. So everyone is different and age is arbitrary. I am grateful to have these new tools from MKMMA for myself as his mother to continue to guide and more importantly, allow for my precious boys to unfold in a supportive environment. Prayers for the future generations.

If there were only one thing I could teach someone about being cause over life, it would not be to study some material, to read another passage, to listen to a lecture, to dance or eat or sing or buy or any other of countless false gods – it would be to go into the SILENCE.


And I’m excited for another week of self direction as we head in to the final weeks of this brilliant experience!

Blessings one and all.

Are You Living From Your Created World or Out of the Reported World?

Master Key Master Mind Alliance Experience Week 21

Week 21 is about TRUTH.

A core value in our principle led life, as well as a fundamental component in our homeschooling.

Truth expands as our awareness continues to expand. This brings about confusion and chaos for some, calm and clarity for others.

Is TRUTH what you see in the news/social media? Is Truth what you hear at your church? Is Truth what you read about in the tabloids or from a prolific author? Is Truth found in your bank account? Is Truth discovered in your cereal bowl? Is Truth cultivated in your relationship with the world?

What is TRUTH?

That is a HUGE question. Right up there with – WHO AM I? and To be or not to be…

I am not here to tell you what your TRUTH is…but I will share with you what mine looks like this week.

When I began homeschooling my boys 6 years ago, I started with the end in mind. In reverse engineering what my intention was at the end of the journey, I created a frame work for us to be held through out the journey. This container is build around TRUTH. We use TRIBAL Academy as our “school” name. For us it means:







Everything we do, day in and day out is around the practical application and conceptual understanding of Truth and each of the above.

We do not study the bible the way most do – we look at the bible as allegory, christ as a concept, god as good and part of a duality that exists in the universe in order to know oneself.

Truth is not what you see. It is what you believe. It is also what you give your power to – knowingly or unknowingly.  This sums it up nicely this part 21, number 26, from Haanel:

“As long as the people regard the Cosmic power as a power non-human and alien to humanity, so long will it be comparatively easy for a supposed privileged class to rule by Divine right in spite of every protest of social sentiment. The real interest of democracy is therefore to exalt, emancipate and recognize the divinity of the human sprit. To recognize that all power is from within…”

More than any other experience this one experience when “daddy” had a heart attack in 2015 awakened me to more TRUTH in an empirical way. Because I was able to actually apply everything I had learned to that point, to an end resolution that was my TRUTH. My boys TRUTH. The true power of MASTER MIND.

You can read about that here: