Peace Doesn’t Come in a Pill Print Book Releases June 18, 2017 to Honor My Father

A few years ago, helping others heal from sexual trauma and abuse was something that was a very important issue and top priority for me.

I had been sexually abused and had experienced what has remained unspeakable trauma for far too long.

I believe it’s only in the last decade that it has become more “safe” to talk about sexual abuse, rape and the trauma associated with this. As the victim was the first to be blamed for many years. I know why this is now and the only way to stop this cycle is to have enough courage to stand up and fight. Not with arms necessarily, but with whatever is needed.

I had been speaking and teaching about the PILOT Your Way Method  and teaching from my workbook that went along with this body of work I developed over years. This work had come out of Finding Joy Beyond Trauma – the hundreds of interviews and connections in the work I was doing to help heal myself as I helped to heal others from sexual abuse and trauma and was rooted in a concept that my father taught me.

The name of one of the chapters was/is PEACE DOESN’T COME IN A PILL. This was a 40 page chapter that was suggested to be a book of its own.

That book of it’s own has been shared as a gift to those working this path, but I am now ready to share this as a gift to the world and anyone who wishes to avail themselves of this simple, yet wonderfully workable method that I “discovered” and teach.

To honor my Dad, Peace Doesn’t Come In a Pill will be released as a print book on June 18, 2017.

Any who is seeking a more holistic answer, a simple yet practical and workable method of Your Way through anxiety, depression, parenting, illness, relationships, business, health and fitness….a method to take back the controls of your life from the inside out – this is for you.


What’s At The Core of This Blog?

HI! I’m Stephana (pronounced Stef On’ U like up)  and the purpose of Your Holistic Mentor is to share stories and experiences of how to step off the main stream assembly line, integrate total well being and change the world by achieving personal goals while helping others at the same time.

On the blog I share my reflections about life from a holistic perspective.

HOLISTIC means, WHOLE which is derived from HOLY.

I don’t segregate or compartmentalize parts of life anymore.

I take in the WHOLE and that’s more than mind, body and spirit but we’ll use that to keep it simple.

I’ll talk about how each part effects the other in a real life, real time as a home schooling mom, wife, author, speaker, coach and business owner.

I’m really interested in getting back to WHOLENESS – from reconnected to the HOLY (no this is not a religious blog), WHOLE food, love to share my culinary creations; movement, this is what I thrive on so I’ll share lots of fitness and health tips; mindset and personal development goodies because it all starts in the mind (spirit) and of course relationships – what would we do without them. You’re likely to find just about everything that goes into living life more WHOLE and keeping it REAL.

Stay a while!

You can read more about me and what I’m about here:

Leading Personal Training Studio Brings Health Transformations From The Inside Out

VANCOUVER, Wash., Oct. 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Premier health and fitness coach and owner of Yogilachi in East Vancouver, WA continues to see solid results from a holistic approach to better health and weight loss versus a single focus on exercise.

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For those who hate over crowded gyms, Yogilachi is a Personal Training & Yoga studio in East Vancouver providing a more comfortable, home like environment.

Lead Trainer and owner Stephana Johnson, has been in the health and wellness industry for over 28 years. She began her career in fitness at the prestigious Vertical Club in NYC and quickly became an in-home private trainer to academy award winning celebrities and high powered CEOs. Over the years from Los Angeles to Houston, TX she has provided clients with a more holistic approach to making a lifestyle of intelligent exercise and nutrition as well as positive mindset coaching.

With a new location in East Vancouver, WA, Johnson provides private and semi-private training and coaching in a home like studio setting. “I feel more comfortable than going in to a box gym. Stephana provides exceptional skills and expertise but also real connection in a supportive community,” says Kelly a long time client of Yogilachi.

Yogilachi’s Mission is to

inspire our clients to experience optimal well being.
become a family of coaches committed to creating a partnership with clients.
approach all challenges with a spirit of joy, empathy and professionalism, always providing the most holistic and workable solutions.
make a difference in the community by promoting healthier holistic lifestyles and being a resource for positive change.

“She is not a ‘get thin quick’ solution or a gym membership you never use, but rather a transformation guru who can help you with your nutrition, your happiness, your relationships (with yourself and others) and your workout. It is so rare to find one person who can truly deliver all that and more, which is why I am so grateful to have met Stephana and be a part of her program. If you’re tired of the way you feel and are committed to improving all aspects of your life – Stephana is your go-to woman. She is definitely mine,” says Yifat Cohen, Owner of G+Go To Gal.

Johnson says her company focus and expertise lies primarily with two distinct demographics:

1.) Women who have lost their physique (and much of their self-confidence) to the understandable demands of motherhood and/or through their devotion to their chosen career…or both.

2.) Professional men that, because of their devotion and commitment to their chosen career path and supporting their family, have lost much of the muscle, strength, stamina and energy that they once enjoyed throughout their younger years.

Yogilachi provides coaching and accountability in a private and comfortable environment. “We are a results oriented company and we are completely committed to making certain that you have every ounce of support you need in order to succeed,” says Johnson.

“Almost everyone struggles with nutrition. Unfortunately, regardless of how hard you work in the gym, even if you’re training correctly, you cannot out-work a poor diet. That is why all of our training programs include our custom nutrition coaching programs,” says Johnson. “Our philosophy is based on a balanced nutrition plan with sensible portion sizes, not deprivation or starvation.”

Yogilachi is located at 16909 NE 22nd Street in the East Vancouver, WA community and website is All services are by appointment only and part of programs custom for each client.

For questions or interviews, contact Stephana Johnson 360-936-3374 or via email. More information can also be found on the company website

SOURCE Stephana Johnson