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5 Keys To Making Better Decisions and Creating Bigger Impacts

The Cause and Ripple Effect of Our Decisions

Master Coach and Motivational Speaker Stephana Johnson

In 1958, Chairman Mao of China ordered all sparrows to be killed.

Destroying all nests, all eggs, all nestlings and all the sparrows in China – because they were eating some of the grain.

The first year it appeared to “work” as there was more grain. But the next year locusts became so prevalent that it wiped out entire crops.

As a direct result of his decision to kill the sparrows, 36 MILLION people died of starvation in 3 years.

How often do we make decisions and take actions without thinking of the ultimate cost?

If we can begin to understand the ripple effect, we can begin now to be more conscious, more aware of what our decisions at this moment lead to in our future.

The planting of seeds is one of the best analogies to understand the deeper meaning behind our decisions. What we see in our lives and our business is absolutely a direct result of seeds we have planted in the past.

Each decision, each action being a seed, what does your life look like today?

Is it one of joy, connection, success, and health? Or is it filled with fear, turmoil, chaos, and worry? These are not only the growth of the seeds we’ve planted along the way but also the seeds that continue to sprout offshoots and spread into all areas of our life.

Here are the 5 steps you can take to make better decisions the first time, see if they might help you:

1. Attune your Awareness. I like to use the word pliable when I talk about awareness, as it is expandable and contractible depending on the individual circumstance. Ideally one would be looking for decisions aligned with the highest good and best outcome for the whole. Sometimes we need a more expandable awareness, thinking more long term, greater impact on the whole, etc. But we also need to be able to decipher when we have enough understanding to make a viable decision.

2. Engage in Imaging. One of the greatest gifts we have is the power to imagine. Dreaming and imagination open us to possibility. It shows us what is more than just probable. However, spending so much time watching the product of another’s imagination in the form of media, video games, movies and even reading, we do not give ourselves the time and space to engage in our own imaging.

3. Find Your Focus. You will know you have found your focus when you feel unhurried and calm, joyful and the next action is crystal clear. Focus is the moment when you are whole and there is no longer a fork in the road.

4. Seek Supportive Support. Many times we find ourselves receiving what should be supportive when in fact it is a conglomeration of the machine that perpetuates prior poor decisions and prolongs actions that result in more harm. Unfortunately, this collective mentality can get more bandwidth in our awareness because we have not been equipped with filters yet (awareness helps in the filtering out).

5. Release what IS NOT working/Reinforce what IS working. When we feel cornered because of a previous poor decision, sometimes rather than giving it the heave-ho, we try to make it work to prove it wasn’t such a bad decision in the first place. Take my hard-earned experience, RELEASE what’s not working when you become aware that it’s time. This doesn’t give you carte blanche to set aflame to your lemon of a car, but the step of recognizing that a decision wasn’t the best and cutting losses allows you to move forward. And if you need to make up damage from the poor decision caused, so be it. These are not a step 1 then 2, these are concurrent, you also want to reinforce the decisions and the actions that ARE working, and is best done to balance the releasing of what’s not working. Then re-commit and establish a system to maintain the highest working results and continually monitor so it doesn’t take 3 (or 30) years before you release an unworkable decision.

Sometimes it’s hard to make decisions to create more room to build success in our lives, our relationships and our businesses, when still full of hangups from the past. If I were suggesting action steps to help, I’d say this:

  • Cultivate awareness daily through meditation practice, quiet time or just walking in nature interruption-free, one of my favorite ways to awaken.
  • Spend time daily imaging your life as you desire it to be, from your own origination. Imagine actually living from that space and imagine how it feels. This practice of engaging the imagination with awareness and intention can have a profound and lasting effect and actually rewire the past.
  • Practice focusing on 1 object or focusing on your breath for a full cycle or at least 30 seconds. This is helpful in calming chaotic thoughts prior to making decisions and can prevent taking actions based on negative emotions that lead to harmful decision making.
  • With the first 3 steps integrated, getting and giving real support becomes more doable. As a result, you will cultivate the kind of ‘supportive support’ to make the best decisions for a positive, holistic and sustainable outcome.
  • Prioritize your life around the important decisions, actions, and tasks that are working. Release the old patterns and poor habits and past decisions that are not working. Learn from it surely, but don’t beat yourself up about it. Release the wreckage. Reinforce the lesson.

These steps are symbiotic, never complete and always evolving. Like natural cycles and interdependence on the WHOLE.

If you are like me, you recognize the far-reaching effects of small decisions and hope your decisions make a long term positive impact, while also supporting your goals for today.

Dedicated to your highest good and best outcome.

Much Love, Stephana


The 3 Most Important Questions You Must Answer To Never Fail

How This Subtle Piece of Wisdom Can Change Your World

One of my darling’s of Literature is Leo Tolstoy and his story of  “The Three Questions” impacted me profoundly as a mother and as a business owner.

If you aren’t familiar with the story, it’s based on a king’s idea that he would never fail if he knew the answer to these three questions:

What is the right time for every action?
Who are the most necessary people?
What is the most important thing to do?

Just as many intelligent and capable business owners seek answers to questions like these every day, you will always get different answers.

Are you paying attention?

There will always be more information out there, there will always be more “answers”.

Until you fully understand the questions through application, you will be left seeking instead of succeeding.

As a business owner, you are naturally innovative. I am asking you to shift your thinking now, so you can finally understand the answers you seek – have always been there.

In fact, I’m quite certain you’ve held the answers all along, but they’ve been fragmented and you’ve been distracted from them.

We’ve been taught to always be reading – but why? Is more information going to be the answer?

We’ve been told we have to work harder – but why? Is more hustle going to be the answer?

I don’t believe you need more information – there’s no magic book, coach or program that if you just had it or did that or hired them – you’d have the answer.

So where do you break this cycle?

When you continue to seek you will always find someone who is willing to give you their answer.

Until you experience the answers for yourself you may never understand the meaning of your own purposeful gifts. As in Tolstoy’s story, so many men attempted to answer the king’s questions, but they all came up with different answers.

When the king decided to ask a wise hermit in a nearby village he had to disguise himself as a peasant, leaving his guards behind.

The hermit was tending his garden when the king arrived. The king asked his questions, but the old hermit went on digging. The king was inclined to offer to dig for him for a while and after digging for some time the king asked his questions again.

Just as the hermit might have answered, a man emerged from the dark woods bleeding profusely from a terrible stomach wound.

The king immediately tended his wound and took care of this man, staying the night in the hermit’s hut. The next day the man was greatly improved but incredulous as to what the king had done for him. The man confessed he had known who the king was and that the king had his brother executed and property seized, he, in fact, had come to kill the king! But the king’s guards had wounded him.

The man pledges his allegiance to the king and goes on his way.

Up until that point, the king had forgotten the questions. Once again the king asks the hermit and this time the hermit responds that he had just had his questions answered.

When we come to know the answers for ourselves it changes everything. As an entrepreneur, as a friend, as a parent, as a human being.

May you come to know the answers for yourself.

The most important time is now. As the present is really the only time over which we have power.

Whomever you are with is the most important person.

To do good to the person you are with is the most important thing to do.

Allow this idea to simmer and see how it evolves in your own life. You have enormous capacity and ability to affect the people in your world profoundly. If you aren’t realizing your own potential in the 3 core areas of your life, reach out for a chat. I just might be that optimizing hermit you’ve been seeking.

How To Start Waking Up To Your Creative Power

I love this quote by Anais Nin. And expanding from this, know that you can also create your states.

In fact, that is what we are each doing at any given moment. We just have been taught that we are not the ones creating our states from the inside out, thus have fallen into the trap of your world created from outside in thus again being the effect.

I assure you, with practice, you can assume any state you truly desire. It is a practice though. So if you have been practicing “being” the effect of external states, or you have been “practicing” with states you don’t wish, then it will be a bit of work to shift.  But it’s doable. The results are miraculous and easier than you can imagine right now.

In fact, there is a momentum in the universe where so many are waking up to their native ability as “creators” that shifts seem to happen faster than we can keep up. All the more reason to take back the controls of your own thoughts, your intentions, your emotions, and your states.

In June, my book Peace Doesn’t Come In a Pill will be released. In it, I describe the exact process I used to literally bring wake the dead…I’ll share more details soon.

Meanwhile, create a state of your wish fulfilled.