How To Be a Self Directed Thinker

Master Key Master Mind Experience

Don Miguel Ruiz said it beautifully in The Four Agreement – Don’t Assume Anything.

My dad said it well too – To Assume makes an ASS out of U and Me.

Any way you look at it, most of our made up world is assumption. But it’s only natural! Why?

Because, there are vortexes, vacuums of energy everywhere. And if you weren’t taught how to turn the vacuum off or regulate the openings, you and I, my friend will be ASSuming our worlds and it will feel like it’s got the velocity of a fire hose and your world will look like a SH&* storm (just picture THAT! GROSS!) overwhelm, smelly, distasteful,  some days boring, unfulfilled, and some other days like you are a live wire ready to electrocute any other ASSuming soul around you. I get it!

For me, this week it’s been at a pretty intense velocity but I consciously made a choice and set my intentions on this path long, long ago. And I recommitted to this path back in September of 2017 when I started the Master Key Master Mind Alliance – experience. And I bloody well recommit again TODAY!

For to be a self directed thinker is what I am after.

You too?


Here are my take aways this week.


Daily and multiple times a day even if it’s 5 minutes on super busy days or 30 when you have more time. MUST SIT – silent, and BE. yup just BE. Forgot how? I know! Well, you’ll remember soon enough. So, just BE!!  Check!


Daily and multiple times a day….


Clearing is essential. Why? Because we are getting so much energy in terms of thoughts, emotions, words, pictures, images, concepts, energy, electrical frequencies, toxins, bla bla bla and on and on… ad nauseum… that if we don’t clear –  there is going to get some pretty clogged up guck and you are not going to have ANY room for your own thought.

Tools on clearing are to be had all over. I have my own Diamonds I’ve cultivated over the years and talk about them here on the blog and teach them to everyone who wants to learn and share them as well in my book Peace Doesn’t Come In a Pill: The P.I.L.O.T. Your Way Method to Happiness and Success….Plug for you and the google bots…and of course plenty of tools on the pretty darn awesome Master Key experience! Yay for that!

Right in this moment, if you keep the above two in balance and your BASICS are attended to – sleep, pure water, optimal movement and nutrition, air/sunshine, nourishment (love, connection, food) shelter from elements…you get the idea –  things work out just fine and you’ll be on your way to being the awesome self directed thinker that you are – in REAL life.

If you haven’t started the 7 day mental diet challenge – do it now. We are just a few weeks away from rockin’ another 6 month master mind and scholarship opens on my birthday 9-6!





Making Rest Periods (mental/physical/emotional) a Priority

Monday Morning Mentoring

Last week I found myself utterly overwhelmed — mentally. My mind was just exhausted.

The thing is, I didn’t recognize it. A friend had to point it out to me – as I was sitting at the pool with my boys splashing away and I’m stressing over everything in my life while I try to cram 4 inches of binder material into my already overstuffed brain!


I kept forcing myself to study more, do more, take the next test for my certifications, write more…and I kept asking more and more mental effort from myself…until I just couldn’t do ANYTHING!

That’s what happens when you don’t take the REST breaks. It’s the same with the body. It’s the same with the spirit. We can’t expect ourselves to be on 100% of the time. We can’t demand that from ourselves. It’s just not smart.

I know that I watch for it in my children – as their teacher and mom, I’m vigilant at taking a break and letting them process things. We use a 3 day learning process from Rudolf Steiner and it’s powerful. So why haven’t I applied this to myself?

Well, honestly, I forgot. My awareness was obscured and the rest is….

So this week…let’s build in those rest periods. Let’s go 100% for 50 minutes and take a 10 minute break and repeat that 2 -3 times a day. That reminds me of the DEEP WORK book I read a few years back. Blocks of focused time.

This goes along with the 7 Day Mental Diet – if you haven’t done that yet – go get that now! It’s awesome and it’s free. It will change your world!

How to Make Affirmations Work For You

Monday Morning Mentoring

I’ve had an aversion to affirmations in the past. I felt they were fluff and nonsense. But that was when I was very much into controlling things from a logical network of cause and effect based on the physical universe laws (I must have been trying to channel my inner “Spock”)

Well, it’s now been about 3 years of regular affirmations in my world and I’m here to pleasantly report great success.


But here’s what I’ve learned to make them most effective and for affirmations to work fast!

First, you cannot be saying “I am happy, healthy and whole” while you are chowing on potato chips binge watching reruns of the good wife and dishes in the sink that need to be washed.

Instead try washing the dishes while you say, “I am happy, healthy and whole” after having ditched the chips and unplugged the boob tube (pick your latest device).

Guess what, it works, you will feel more happy, more healthy and more whole! (Personal experience example here)

Second, affirmations are not going to replace taking the action – whether it be learning to use a new device (I tried affirmation only with “mastering my smart phone” and it didn’t work – I had to actually read the manual, use the phone, try out the new apps and get some help from an expert on advanced ideas.) or becoming more successful or creating a loving relationship.

Thirdly, if you have a feeling that is incongruent with your words, that’s misalignment and you’ll get no real results.

Think of how a dog responds – it’s the emotion/the feeling that the dog responds to.

So if we get our words, our feelings and our actions in alignment – this is the magically trifecta. It works.

I’ve had miracle after miracle happen in my life, (literal miracles) from getting aligned with the thinking, feeling and will (actions), some near instantaneous to other’s taking about a year.

Things that if I had just focused on the action and making things go right by sheer will – maybe could have happened but would have taken years likely.

So, this week – let’s focus on 1 area/topic and get 100% in alignment with your thought/word, emotion/feeling, will/action.

Let me know how it goes!

Happy New Year! Out with the old and in with the NEW

Realizations and Optimizing CHI

I spent New Year’s Eve with the two most important people in my life – my boys, Ryder and Dax. I shared my love of dance, movies and story with them as we learned West Coast Swing together, came home and snuggled in bed with yummy, healthy snacks watching one of my favorite stories, Little Women.

Whatever way you chose and continue to choose to lead your life and celebrate traditions, may it be from a place of wholeness, that feeds your mind, body and soul.

This past year there have been so many changes – I believe which are all part of a process, an evolution toward optimal well being.

I’d like to share a few of those with you and the realizations as they came:

I closed my studio location and brought my training back in to my home. Where the Yogilachi Transform program evolved and the transformation and dedication of my amazing clients continued to awe and inspire me.

I used every tool in my arsenal to transition from the loss of the studio space to be open to the Divine Grace that leads me to help others the best way I know how.

I discovered that I was stronger than I thought.

I realized I don’t have to do everything.


I ended a stressful and difficult marriage and in it’s place created a dear and caring friendship with Kelly, my former husband and the father of my two precious boys. This took time, will power and attention, of not only myself, but each member of this dynamic family unit. But I am grateful for every piece and quite proud of where we stand today. Truly better, happier and healthier for all, including and most especially for our boys.

I rebranded and rekindled the original purpose of Yogilachi and it became a not for profit entity whose mission is To Inspire Healing Through Optimal Movement, Mindset and Nutrition. I am incredibly excited about the work we are doing through Yogilachi and can’t wait to share it with you and the world.

I regained a lost friendship. Making the conscious decision to take a real vacation, I traveled across country and spent a month with my boys camping, visiting National Parks and making it to Knoxville, TN to spend quality, in person time with my best friend. I realized how vital in person, face to face connection and support actually is.

And I commit to cultivating more and making the safe space available for others to cultivate this important connection.

I became stronger, wiser and more compassionate – for myself, for my sons and for all human beings. Dealing with my son Dax’s brain injury, from a concussion sustained in an auto accident, the repercussions led to a long road of search, discovery and a difficult healing process. This culminated in a greater understanding of brain health and it’s significant impact on the individual.

This profound shift has led me to research and training with the leading edge experts in the health of the brain. It is a year long course of study and I’m mere weeks into it, but what I can tell you is that it is profound and something that cannot be overlooked in the complete picture of optimal health. I will be focusing on this more and more and sharing with you through the Monday Morning Mentoring and private FB group you can join here.

There is a significant connection to the brain and how vital it’s health is for our total well being – mentally, emotionally, physically. This led me to courses in Ancestral Nutrition, and healing mitochondria as well as studying, using and decoding the popular ketogenic diet. The pitfalls are in the misunderstanding of application. I intend to bring a clear and workable addition to my health and wellness programs in 2018 and beyond.

There are key principles to look at – the WHOLE being, the WHOLE person. Underlying it all, we are Energy (CHI). How do we optimize that chi? I still believe it is through these 3 pillars: optimal movement, mindset and nutrition.

Each of the above has helped me become a more capable trainer, coach and healer. A better business owner and contributing member to society.

And most importantly a better mother, teacher and friend.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out. If I can help you in any way, know that I will do my best.

I believe in you.

Much Love and Chi, for 2018 and Always!