Developing Good Sleep Habits

Monday Morning Mentoring


This week we are focused on sleep.

For some reason this is tough for many. I know in the Pacific NW where our days are very long (sunset was just after 9) here in the summer, it’s easy to want to keep going. Remember, the sleep you get before . midnight is like double the sleep you get after midnight. I personally am in bed by 9, but if you can shoot for lights out at 10, that’s a great habit!

Add in the digital world with 24/7 access and there is no end to the distractions for getting the sleep you need. But that blue light is proven to be hazardous to your sleep habits as is the stress on your body and mind from being in front of a screen with a bombardment of non essential data being poured into you and your subconscious.

That’s why we implemented a digital sunset in our family. All digital devices are shut down by 8 during the work week and 5 on Friday and Saturday night so we have more time for personal connection.

But that’s just one part of the sleep issue. Last week I was asked a couple of times “what is the best way for me to sleep” i.e, on my side, back, stomach, etc.  I get this question a lot, and I have a lot to say on it! And I’ll answer that fully with a video and put that on Tuesday’s TIP of day.

However, right now, let’s just start with getting you in to the bed at a decent hour, without all the distractions (books, smart phone, other screens). In fact, I’d like to challenge you to take ALL digital/electronic devices out of your bedroom. If you use your phone as an alarm clock, I would change that to a non electronic device. (See my article on EMFs and It’s Stress On the Body, especially in the bedroom)

Create a ritual around sleep that enhances your bodies natural ability to restore, recover and rejuvenate.

Take a look at the space? Is there excess clutter? Is there a lot going on in the room, or is it a place of joy and pleasant relaxation, a healing sanctuary?

This week, let’s focus on implementing at least 1 action that moves you toward better sleep.

You can also see my articles on Dealing with Insomnia – the Causes and some Holistic Solutions that Work, Melatonin – the Vital B Vitamin That We Are Now Missing in Today’s World etc.


Making Rest Periods (mental/physical/emotional) a Priority

Monday Morning Mentoring

Last week I found myself utterly overwhelmed — mentally. My mind was just exhausted.

The thing is, I didn’t recognize it. A friend had to point it out to me – as I was sitting at the pool with my boys splashing away and I’m stressing over everything in my life while I try to cram 4 inches of binder material into my already overstuffed brain!


I kept forcing myself to study more, do more, take the next test for my certifications, write more…and I kept asking more and more mental effort from myself…until I just couldn’t do ANYTHING!

That’s what happens when you don’t take the REST breaks. It’s the same with the body. It’s the same with the spirit. We can’t expect ourselves to be on 100% of the time. We can’t demand that from ourselves. It’s just not smart.

I know that I watch for it in my children – as their teacher and mom, I’m vigilant at taking a break and letting them process things. We use a 3 day learning process from Rudolf Steiner and it’s powerful. So why haven’t I applied this to myself?

Well, honestly, I forgot. My awareness was obscured and the rest is….

So this week…let’s build in those rest periods. Let’s go 100% for 50 minutes and take a 10 minute break and repeat that 2 -3 times a day. That reminds me of the DEEP WORK book I read a few years back. Blocks of focused time.

This goes along with the 7 Day Mental Diet – if you haven’t done that yet – go get that now! It’s awesome and it’s free. It will change your world!

Use the Powerful Tool of Imagination to Create a Better Life

Monday Morning Mentoring

Happy Beautiful Monday!


One of my favorite words! How about you? Do you feel excited when you hear or see the word Imagination or do you feel squashed or like you better not because it’s bad to use your imagination? (If you feel negative emotion around “IMAGINATION” visit my clearing negative emotion page or right now and get it cleared through the awesome Tool of Emotional Freedom Technique). Otherwise, carry on…

There are many teachers on this topic, Neville Goddard, Joe Dispenza are a couple of my favs.

I’m always practicing with it and last week I realized I’d seen only a few hummingbirds and wanted to see more. In my Morning Sit, I Imagined the feeling of seeing so many hummingbirds right outside my windows and the sounds of ooh and aahs from my boys as we delighted in their varieties and watched them nourish in nectar. I did this for maybe 2 minutes and it was as if I was actually seeing them. I felt excited at the end of it and then closed my morning sit as usual and proceeded about my busy day completely forgetting about it!

Later that morning one of my clients told me about fuchsia baskets being on close out at our local nursery. After our session he went and bought 3 for me and I put them all up on my patio! By that afternoon we had seen 32!!! Hummingbirds!

So many variety of colors on their breasts. It was AMAZING!!!

This week YOU are going to cultivate IMAGINATION as a skillful TOOL in your Tool Box! Try it for 1 full week and see if it’s one of the Diamonds.


Here’s how!