How To NOT Create More Work For Yourself or Do Less To Achieve WAYYY MORE, Without the BS and Pains In The ASS

Remember who you are, you are in fact an extraordinary being!

What if you could trust yourself?

What if you could trust what you know?

Do you think you would make better decisions? Perhaps be a bit calmer?

Cara Bradley shared so much wisdom! I can’t wait for you to hear all her wisdom. So many nuggets here! IN JOY

“Remember who you are”

“You are not just a brain on a stick!”

“Feet Planted, Eyes Steady”

You are an extraordinary being!


This amazing art work you see was done my Kesley Montague on the City Walk in Los Angeles at Universal Studios, aptly titled “What Lifts You up?” #whatliftsyou

My 10 year old son Dax took this shot, 1 of 3 done in under 10 seconds (you can imagine the crowds walking past!) Amazingly enough, in that time there was almost a moment as if time had stopped. The prior times we’d walked past it was so full I knew I would just admire it from afar.

But then, it’s as if the seas parted, because there was a quiet moment and I slipped off my shoes, put my bags down, handed my phone to Dax and ran over to the wall and 1. 2. 3…jumped!

I love this moment. I love this shot. It makes me super happy to look at this as it embodies so much of me and the meaning behind my recent 24 day road trip with my boys.

Excited to share more about that in the coming days!