Monday Morning Mentoring and Addressing the #METOO Phenomenon

How to break free from the patterns that hold you back from your best life ever.

Now more than ever we must take back control of our lives – from within.


Monday Morning Mentoring – action items

  1. Do a 10 minute research on Candace Pert if resonating, continue on this path of interest
  2. Watch this excerpt of What The Bleep Do We Know . BONUS if you watch the whole movie
  3. Continue pruning the vine

If you need support on the area of sexual trauma and abuse please avail yourself of my free webinar and the guide. You don’t have to sign up or opt in. It’s just there for you. Blessings.

You may also email me your name and request directly to be added to the list of Yogilachi’s  remote Chi Kung healing.

I will add you to the remote healing sessions beginning at 10:30AM PST and ongoing specifically for sexual abuse and any and all energy around the restimulation of sexual trauma whether it happened to you personally or to someone you know and you feel helpless.

Use the correct TOOLS – don’t get caught up in the mass momentum that is created and perpetuated not to heal but to keep you stuck in it. Being stuck in it will never allow you to create and lead a life you love. Decide now to leave a lasting legacy of your choosing not one of the mass unconsciousness.

I believe in you. I believe in me. I believe in a WHOLE and HEALTHY world.


Ready To Build Your Best Life? Better Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable!

The world is shifting – big time. If you haven’t felt it, experienced it yourself, you are likely still in the muck or some layer of cloud cover.

If you are reading this though, likely you are feeling the shift. Maybe you are like me, somewhere between curious to extreme intensity of we gotta take care of some things and fast or we aren’t going to have a playing field called Earth any more.

What I am experiencing through the MKMMA experience – now in week 3, is a consolidation of the myriad of books and materials I have studied searching for the KEY.

Want to hide something? Put it in plain sight.


But for now there might be a little more of a path needed. A process to get out of the forrest of confusion.

Here are my take aways this week:

Be absolutely vigilant of your thoughts.

If you are constantly letting crummy thoughts take up rent in your consciousness – guess what life is going to feel and look like?

Your feeling is crucial in your creation. If you have an intense feeling about something negative in your life – guess what? That gets amplified in your subconscious which will reflect on the conscious or outside – what we think is “reality”. So if you absolutely HATE (A B or C) just watch it show up more and more in your life.

Shift instantly out of anything that pulls you from your desired state.



Start making different choices.

Those choices need to be made from that new reality you want in your life.

Prove to yourself – commit to yourself and follow through.

Fill your mind with what you want to have show up in your life. Immediately prune anything that is not in perfect alignment with what and who you truly desire to be/do/have.

“Scars can heal and reveal who you really are… Do you know who you are?” Love this from the beautiful movie Moana.