Use the Powerful Tool of Imagination to Create a Better Life

Monday Morning Mentoring

Happy Beautiful Monday!


One of my favorite words! How about you? Do you feel excited when you hear or see the word Imagination or do you feel squashed or like you better not because it’s bad to use your imagination? (If you feel negative emotion around “IMAGINATION” visit my clearing negative emotion page or right now and get it cleared through the awesome Tool of Emotional Freedom Technique). Otherwise, carry on…

There are many teachers on this topic, Neville Goddard, Joe Dispenza are a couple of my favs.

I’m always practicing with it and last week I realized I’d seen only a few hummingbirds and wanted to see more. In my Morning Sit, I Imagined the feeling of seeing so many hummingbirds right outside my windows and the sounds of ooh and aahs from my boys as we delighted in their varieties and watched them nourish in nectar. I did this for maybe 2 minutes and it was as if I was actually seeing them. I felt excited at the end of it and then closed my morning sit as usual and proceeded about my busy day completely forgetting about it!

Later that morning one of my clients told me about fuchsia baskets being on close out at our local nursery. After our session he went and bought 3 for me and I put them all up on my patio! By that afternoon we had seen 32!!! Hummingbirds!

So many variety of colors on their breasts. It was AMAZING!!!

This week YOU are going to cultivate IMAGINATION as a skillful TOOL in your Tool Box! Try it for 1 full week and see if it’s one of the Diamonds.


Here’s how!




Raising healthy, happy children is a worthy goal and it’s demanding. Expect obstacles.

A loving relationship is a worthy goal and it’s demanding. Expect obstacles.

Starting/growing a business/career is a worthy goal and it’s demanding. Expect obstacles.

And be bigger than your obstacles!

Some days you may just need a little more leverage. Join me on FB live Friday for some tips on how to get some powerful leverage to achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams.

You’ve got this!

Two Things Can Not Occupy the Same Space

Monday Morning Mentoring

Taking action to reduce stress is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

Every year when the holiday season rolls around, I hear more and more folks talking about how stressed out they get. Now we pile that on to perhaps an over stressed work situation, home situation, community situation and so on, then we get a recipe for misery and suffering. Remember the Buddha said pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.


Two things cannot occupy the same space. There  is no exception with emotional energy. You cannot be angry and happy at the same time. You cannot be jealous and grateful at the same time. You cannot be hateful and loving at the same time. You cannot be afraid and eager at the same time.

This week let’s practice using the law of substitution when we are faced with a negative situation. Instead of responding how we might normally respond, being angry, afraid, jealous – could you substitute gratitude, love, happiness. If that seems too far of a stretch, could you substitute silence and use the affirmation “I can see what I choose to see”.

There are many ways to shift the situation so that it doesn’t take hold as a stressor for the psyche and soma – mind and body. Because our body believes every word we say, whether we are telling another or ourselves, it’s a good idea to check in on what words we are using to describe a situation.

When we remove the opinion of the situation and we can see it for what it is, then we are better able to make and take conscious, healthy actions.