No Two Clients Are Alike

If You Don’t Understand Your Client, You Won’t Be Able To Stand Your Client

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As a mom and a business owner I learn a lot from parenting that helps me in my business. I have two very different little boys and I have had to adjust my thinking about how to raise children. No two children are alike. My oldest, Ryder, who is eight, is gentle, nurturing and has an innate ability to see the bigger picture. Dax, my 5-year-old, is an artist through and through. Emotional, sensitive yet very intense. I’ve had to really step back and see my boys from a place of full presence and not fit them into a structure I found in books, approaches or guidelines. In other words, I still have to be and do my parenting.

As any parent knows, understanding is one of the most important pieces to parenting. If you don’t understand your children, you won’t be able to “stand” your child.

In business, no two clients are alike. Any cookie cutter approach or system out there can tell you to do “these steps and it’s a no fail”. I say, that’s a fast way to poor results. If you do not understand your client you won’t be able to stand them. Conversely, they won’t be able to stand you and you are going to have a lot of unhappy clients or none at all.

You must understand your client and their unique needs, what drives them, what specific fears, beliefs or lack of skills might be stopping them. If you communicate in a way that’s like a robot or a script not your own – no matter how much you’ve rehearsed or practiced, you aren’t fully present – not with yourself, not for your client. I can guarantee full understanding will be missing.

Last week I was working with a client who had a challenge around clearly communicating during enrollment conversations. I knew she was following the script of a competent and successful business coach but she hadn’t “made it her own”. As an actress I am very much an advocate of living truthfully even in imaginary circumstances and I teach this to my clients. We don’t need anymore talking heads. We need hearts opening and communicating their truth.

What I felt was intriguing and what she experienced was a breakthrough that led to her landing her first major client with a huge success story from the client just from the enrollment conversation alone.

Here’s what I coached her on: I knew the best way I could help her was to “ACT” as a real client so I could actually “FEEL” how it went rather than think and analyze the process. When she was following the script I felt a break/cut in our connection and as a result the understanding diminished. I felt less interested in what she had to offer and actually confused by the words she was saying and in her ability to help me and my desire to hire her, when moments before had genuinely been there.

I felt myself really wanting her services when she was fully connected with me, listening to me, coaching me, directing me from her grounded and authentic place as her unique genius, her blessed gift and talent as a coach. It happened each time she went back to the “script”. I could feel the disconnection. I could feel the break in understanding. Even though she was word for word of a “masterly” written script. I could feel myself getting distracted. As I expressed this to my client we were able to tweak and work through this in order to refine her enrollment conversations. By the end of the session, she was laughing and excited about doing what she does best, connecting!

Every time I work with a client I gain so much more understanding. It is so important to fully understand our own truth, know our own unique voice and from a confident present place, listen, observe and respond. Only then will you truly understand the person in front of you, whether it is your child, your client or yourself! That’s what I like to call stepping on to Your Center Stage.

Peace Doesn’t Come in a Pill Print Book Releases June 18, 2017 to Honor My Father

A few years ago, helping others heal from sexual trauma and abuse was something that was a very important issue and top priority for me.

I had been sexually abused and had experienced what has remained unspeakable trauma for far too long.

I believe it’s only in the last decade that it has become more “safe” to talk about sexual abuse, rape and the trauma associated with this. As the victim was the first to be blamed for many years. I know why this is now and the only way to stop this cycle is to have enough courage to stand up and fight. Not with arms necessarily, but with whatever is needed.

I had been speaking and teaching about the PILOT Your Way Method  and teaching from my workbook that went along with this body of work I developed over years. This work had come out of Finding Joy Beyond Trauma – the hundreds of interviews and connections in the work I was doing to help heal myself as I helped to heal others from sexual abuse and trauma and was rooted in a concept that my father taught me.

The name of one of the chapters was/is PEACE DOESN’T COME IN A PILL. This was a 40 page chapter that was suggested to be a book of its own.

That book of it’s own has been shared as a gift to those working this path, but I am now ready to share this as a gift to the world and anyone who wishes to avail themselves of this simple, yet wonderfully workable method that I “discovered” and teach.

To honor my Dad, Peace Doesn’t Come In a Pill will be released as a print book on June 18, 2017.

Any who is seeking a more holistic answer, a simple yet practical and workable method of Your Way through anxiety, depression, parenting, illness, relationships, business, health and fitness….a method to take back the controls of your life from the inside out – this is for you.


Can Four Letter Words Relieve Stress?

Words are like magic. They cast spells. Some are positive. Some negative.

Your body believes every word you say. Your mind is so powerful it can make a word, whether thought, written or spoken, become reality.

Without even writing them here, if I ask you to imagine fowl 4 letter words, the electrical negativity spews  forth like ghosts and goblins in the night.

Affirmations have been proven to change the chemistry of water, the brain and blood.

What are affirmations? Words. Even a single word.

Feel the energy change when you cast the spell of these 4 letter words.

  • PETS
  • YOGA
  • WALK
  • PLAY
  • LOVE
  • HUGS
  • GLAD
  • PRAY
  • GOOD
  • NICE
  • MOVE
  • MOON

Whether you belong to Slytherin house or use the magic of Glinda the good witch, the choice is yours.
Here is a 5 and 9er for you: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

How can I help you make your body, mind and business more magical?  Connect with Stephana at or  Stephana Johnson is a Master Personal Trainer and Holistic Coach changing lives from the inside out.

The HE-art of Communication

An apple a day…


Stifled, stuck, confused communication is one of the blocks to joy and success. Communication and listening skills might have become a lost art for some.

When we rediscover the power of authentic communication – this includes what we are saying to ourselves and throughout all of our relationships (including our relationship with Money) we can unravel a path to abundant success and joy not only in our business but our lives.

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