The Difference When We Speak From Our Hearts and Not Our Heads


There is a saying that when you speak your mind, speak from your heart.

One of the toughest things we can face in life is how, when and what to communicate. But when we start with the why – where our passion lies, the depth of why we believe in what we believe in and why we are dreaming the dreams we are dreaming, our message can unfold in a powerful and authentic way. As a result, we communicate from our heart – our beliefs, our dreams, our passion, our truth. This is much louder than if we spout the what, when and how.

Today I shared a video on this topic from a recent workshop for women execs and entrepreneurs called “Preparing To Present”.

Speak To Show and Tell, Don’t Speak To Sell

mic2Speaking in public or more so, to the public, can be a shirt drenching moment for many people. Selling to the public can also moisten the brow for many. How about the double-whammy of speaking and selling at the same time from a stage? Throw them a life preserver. Or get a sponge.

Building confidence as a speaker comes from putting yourself out there and speaking.

Building confidence as a salesperson comes from having authentic conversations, what I define as sales.

Focusing on speaking with confidence and clarity first will naturally lead to better relationships with your audience which will lend you credibility.

If they like you, they will listen to you.

If they listen to you and you speak to them and not ‘at’ them, they will start to trust you. That’s half the deal already done when you are in front of your ideal audience.

What I’m actually referring to here is communication. With true communication, relationships begin to grow. The reward you will have as a speaker who actually connects with an audience will foster something inside of you that “three quick payments of $97” won’t ever provide.

I’m not saying you should never sell, I’m saying that by presenting your triumphs and client successes to a captivated audience will do more for your bottom line than a dog and pony show.

1. When you have clarity about why you are speaking, you will find your confidence.

2. The more confidence you have, the more connection with your audience.

3. The more connection with your audience, the more communication and understanding will take place.

4. With real understanding you’ve established credibility, credibility is the beginning of business celebrity.

I know there are some heavy hard sell folks in the coaching world preaching to get up and sell from the stage to make gazillions of dollars, but let’s face it, that’s inauthentic, it’s underhanded, and it’s just plain tacky.

About the crummiest thing you can do to as a speaker is pull a bate and switch.

About the most beautiful thing you can do is deliver what you promised by stepping in your spotlight and showing and telling real results.  Show through case studies and client testimonials. Use photos, images, videos, products as RESULTS. That’s your show and tell.

Walk your talk by taking your audience through a before and after. Show your action steps with clients from the perspective of  inspiration and application.

Selling (from anywhere) is an elegant and effortless process of authentic communication between you and your ideal client when done right.

The beautiful thing about speaking to show and tell is your communication illustrates and demonstrates in a way that your ideal client will recognize in and for themselves, ready to invest in your products or services. And thus they naturally take the next step.

Go ahead, put yourself out there and speak to show and tell. If you’ve got the 3C’s you’ll have a ready and willing audience, your high sales and a big fan base.

Say what you are going to deliver then deliver it and nail it with clarity, confidence, credibility and you will build your business celebrity.

Stephana Johnson is an innovative, visionary Business Performance Coach. She specializes in helping women entrepreneurs put themselves forward powerfully and authentically in the public arena to grow their businesses and claim their place in the world.
Get Your Business Center Stage and Have More Clients and Cash Flow

When we become silent about things that matter…

When I started this project it was because I knew remaining silent was killing me.

I had not actually discovered Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s quote

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Upon finding this quote I realized I was not the only one who has suffered or was suffering.

Quite frankly, in remaining silent I allowed it to mean much more than it should have. I let it define me. In my eyes, it meant I was dirty, bad, broken, shameful, something was wrong with me and I couldn’t let anyone find out or I would or could never be loved or be worthy.

Instead I pretended and lived that life of quiet desperation  — the only difference is I lived loudly in my quiet desperation.

I can sit here and tell you with no qualms the pain and hiding out I felt would cost me my success, my health and worst of all, the love of others –  was actually a very high price to pay.

Ultimately, I discovered that it was me who needed to love myself.  But I couldn’t, not when I hid from own heart, all my pain.

There is no other love that matters. Yet it can seem selfish to some. It becomes masked as parading our fake selves out there as we see in the media or in our daily lives. I was one. I had a very polished covering for a time.  But if I look closely at photos of that time, I see it.

I can’t take back that time, but I can teach what I have learned. I can share the healing that is possible. I can speak up and reach out. I wish I could make all the sexual abuse and trauma stop instantly. For now, I will do what I can.

One thing I can promise here is I will always speak from my heart. Sometimes it might be off on a tangent of nonsensical rambling. Sometimes it will be a brilliant insight and significant discoveries and strategies I’ll share. Always from my heart.

Every day, my heart grows stronger and more capacity for healing and thus helping in service of others is possible.

It is part of my journey.  My path I see more clearly now and I awaken to this journey with open arms and heart.

If you are here for reasons of your own, I want you to know you are not alone.

It was not your fault. Healing is possible. There is great joy beyond the trauma.

My Love, Peace and Joy, Stephana