8 Experts Share Powerful Healing & Insight You Don’t Want To Miss!

Do you ever wonder if deep and lasting love is really possible?

Would you like your partner to be more attentive?
Has foreplay become extinct?

Do you ever feel imbalanced or stressed in your daily life?
Do you wish you felt more confident, creative, prosperous?

Do you wish you had more sexual desire or felt more desirable?
Have you suffered from abuse or betrayal?
Would you like to heal old wounds?

What if changing your ideas about SEX and your Sacred BODY could transform your LIFE and heal your RELATIONSHIPS?

Speaking on the Soulful Sex Summit

  • TwentyTwenty

    Twenty Twenty

  • Beth Martens

    Beth Martens

  • Amy Jo Goddard

    Amy Jo Goddard

  • Cherie Grousset

    Cherie Grousset


  • Johanna Alper

    Johanna Alper

  • Kristina Lanuza

    Kristina Lanuza

  • Roben Hand

    Roben Hand

  • Dr. Janelle Alex

    Dr. Janelle Alex

  • Stephana Johnson

    Stephana Johnson

During the Souful Sex Summit, You will…

  • Gain empowering insight and actionable ideas about SEX that can transform your LIFE and heal your RELATIONSHIPS
  • Learn how sexual energy can create amazing change in your life
  • Learn the power centers of the body and what they reveal about our inner and outer world
  • Discover ways to experience new levels of oneness with your partner or beloved
  • Discover where the body holds within it, our relationships to sex, money, jobs and personal relationships
  • Learn why and how sexual energy becomes depleted and how to power it up
  • Learn physical movements to restore the energy and tone to the muscles and improve sensation and virility
  • Learn ancient powerful breathing techniques to heal, awaken and cultivate primal energy any time you wish
  • Learn how to identify your own sexual needs and get them met
  • Understand why there is an epidemic of pornography and degradation around sex
  • Discover the sacred alchemy of sex and sensualtiy
  • Learn how abuse or betrayal are felt in the system and why it is so vital to heal this energy
  • Learn the rites and passages of every female and why both men and women must understand and honor this
  • Learn powerful techiniques to accomplish transendent sexual orgasm
  • Learn step by step actions to create sacred, satisfying sex
  • Learn what flirting really is – and how to unleash this ANCIENT power in your life
  • Discover how all acts of sex warehouse in our cellular memory and tissue and why it is vitally important that women and men alike work from a very compassionate and sacred space when sharing sex
  • Discover how to heal wounds that we either inflict upon others or upon ourselves due to small or large choices that we make
  • Learn how lovemaking can be a spiritual experience and how it can help people connect to their higher consciousness and the Divine
  • Learn why it is vital to treat yourself with Radical Self Care
  • Learn how to leverage hormonal changes for empowerment
  • Cultivate Profound Changes in your Relationships
  • Learn how to experience Ecstatic Menstruation
  • Tap in to your Unlimited Creativity
  • Open to Receiving Abundance and Love
  • Achieve a New Level of Comfort and Self Confidence in your True Femininity
  • Learn why women are so emotionally stressed and hormonally challenged today from the point of view of Chinese Medicine
  • Learn how Chinese Medicine can help women balance their InnerFeminine and Inner Masculine
  • Learn about Oxytocin and how this powerful hormone can be cultivated
  • Discover the power of ChiGong and its special effect on sexual energy
  • Learn a powerful breathing exercise to enhance your health and sexual energy
  • Learn the importance of why we must take time for Rest and Relaxation
  • Discover how you can feel more powerful and vital without adding more on your “To-Do” list
  • Learn what transcendent sex is and the benefits of practicing transcendent sex
  • Learn how to create a sacred space for yourself and your partner
  • Become more comfortable with your sexuality
  • Learn the difference between the energies of sex and love
  • Learn how to correct imbalances and blockages in your sexual and love energies
  • How physical sex is just “an indicator” of how you relate and use your sexual energy
  • What to do if sex is something you have “issues” with; whether because of trauma, family or religious programming
  • Learn how self worth issues are tied up with our money and finances and how we can free ourselves from this recurring trap
  • Learn how to reduce and even eliminate the grip of past trauma in your life – this even works with PTSD
  • Learn how our energy around sex plays a huge role in how we value ourselves – and how you can boost your self esteem and self confidence
  • Learn how to build your self-esteem so you can reclaim your power and own your own life on your terems

About Your Host

Stephana Johnson, a leader in the women’s empowerment revolution, brilliantly blends the grace of feminine intuition with practical life skills and business know-how — and the result is a soulful life that empowers women to express their souls unique song by striking the balance between business and personal success.

A personal note from Stephana

As a result of personal sexual trauma, I lived in shame, fear and confusion until I was able to transform those scars and recognize them as the sacred wounds that would lead me to my souls true perfection. Now I help others conquer  the fear and confusion, overcome the impostor syndrome and stop a life of hidden shame, self sabotage and mediocrity. I help clients expand their capacity for abundant well being in all areas of their life by transforming old wounds that had been holding them back from their true greatness. They gain clarity and confidence and with grace and ease stand in their power on their own terms.

As a result of helping women (and some smart, soulful men too) heal from past trauma previously blocking their forward movement, through transforming what I call “sacred wounds”, they discover their soul’s perfection and fulfill their unique purpose with clarity and focus while enjoying a balanced, vibrantly healthy, financially and spiritually rich life.

Blissed Out Bath With Epsom Salt

I am a big fan of “hydro therapy” and part of the treatment is Pure Epsom Salt!

The gift of water cannot be overlooked.

Hot Springs is a decadent pleasure I learned to love when my husband and I vacationed in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. There is something vitally healing when you soak in water straight from Mother Earth. With it’s spectacular mineral content and elan, you’ll

But if you don’t have a hot spring near you or can’t get to one for Valentine’s Day, create your own mineral bath and treat yourself to a nice soak. I add an abundance of the Epsom Salt.I usually buy the bulk bags at Costco and they carry Dr Teal’s which I find to be an excellent brand. I add my own essential oils of lavender, eucalyptus and something peppermint or spearmint.

Spending 20 minutes on a good soak can do wonders for tired, sore muscles. Don’t like full body baths, try just a foot bath – similar effect and invigorates tired sore feet.

Epsom Salt Bath
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

1. Soothes sore muscles
2. Relieves Aches and pains
3. Helps body release toxins
4. Reduces stress
5. Minimizes swelling
6. Refreshes skin’s appearance
7. Rejuvenates tired achy feet

Excellent for whole body relief and wellness!

Happy Valentine’s Eve!

5 Ways To Know Your True Nature

You can learn much from Mother Nature especially as she prepares for winter. Just as the daffodil seemingly lies dormant in the earth or seemingly the chrysalis is lying dormant, so must you trust that in your REST there is great transformation and preparation taking place.

The daffodil does not need anything else to blossom.

The chrysalis does not need anything else to become a butterfly.

Innately you have all you need if you just trust your perfection to blossom completely unto yourself.

When you meet the world and appreciate each opportunity to be who you are, you can realize your greatest potential that often lies dormant for a time.

Feelings sometimes deemed wrong or bad are mistakenly taken for something to suppress or get rid of, when they are part of the blooming process of your very being.

Here are 5 ways to begin a practice of allowing, of being in this place of dormant knowing.

1. Silence – find a quiet place where you will be undisturbed (including distractions of phones, pings, and other) for at least 5 minutes. You may find it helpful to put a timer on so you can remove your attention from time keeping. Then just BE in the silence. There is nothing else to do. Just experience yourself in the whole and perfection that you are. Judgements and contemplation is not silence.  A regular practice of silence can be astonishingly healing.

2. Meditation – light a candle and allow your gaze to be with the flame. Follow your breath flowing in and out, allowing for deeper breaths, more relaxed shoulders, eyelids, any other area of tension to release and become more relaxed with each breath. Do this for at least 1 minute and longer if you can.

3. Walk in nature observing the life that is going dormant or has already moved into it’s dormant state. Feel the settling in energy and observe with delight the natural laws of Mother Nature.

4. Rest – Take a 10-20 minute “cat nap”.  Set up a safe and comfortable place to experience the deliciousness of rest during the day. Wrap yourself in an energetic cocoon of warmth and nurturing rest.

5. Nourishing Sleep – each night as the sun begins to set, allow for the settling in process. Gradually bring the constant borage of artificial light, activity and random chaos to settle. Establish a safe and nurturing sleeping environment free of the digitally programmed world and come back to your true nature to reconnect with your deepest innermost sacred self through natural sleep. I love using natural herbs and essential oils like Valerian root, chamomile or lavender and will add a natural magnesium drink if I am feeling anxious and unable to settle into deep sleep for the night.
Don’t allow for the rushed, overwhelmed, over stimulated condition humans seem to be racing towards forfeit your need for restorative rest and nourishing sleep, for deep reflection to tune in and realign to the only truth that can only blossom from deep within your own roots.

You are whole. You are complete. You are perfection.

You may have just been distracted or interrupted from your own very nature.

I encourage you to take the opportunity to bloom into yourself with one or all of the steps above.

Peace and Blessings.