To Compare or Not To Compare That is The Question

Comparing oneself to another is a common predicament for many people.

The question is, why compare?

Are we naturally wired to be competitive? I don’t believe so. This comparing of oneself and always looking at someone else’s accomplishments, possessions, looks and life, can be attributed to the disassociation of one own’s sense of self.

The truth is you will never measure up to anyone else. Why? Because you are unique. You are the absolute only one of you. So why keep trying to measure yourself against another?

If you want to improve your life and expand your business or accomplishments, you only need to evaluate where you are now to where you want to go. A place you choose from what I like to call “sacred Intention”. This is the intention that is fundamentally YOU. Not the programs and sub programs running.

If you are having difficulty defining your destination it will be difficult to chart your course of action.

The Reported World Vs The Created World

This is a very important concept and the time has come for the full use of our Creative Power as the spiritual beings we are.

We must all begin to awaken to our higher awareness, we must begin and continuously create the peace, the freedom, the love, the hope, the joy, the well being for all on this planet. No matter the current “reported world”.

Even in the darkest hour…

When I was told “the man who owns this phone is unconscious and unresponsive”…

When I was told “your husband had a cardiac arrest and is unresponsive”

I saw with pure Faith only one outcome “Daddy happy, healthy and at home”

Our two boys 6 and 9 repeated with me this Prayer, Affirmation and Creation “Daddy happy, healthy and at home”.

When I was told “your husband was de-fibbed 3 times and he is unresponsive”

My boys and I held to one Creation “Daddy happy, healthy and at home”.

When I was told by the social worker of the hospital it would be best not see my husband I held to only one creation “Daddy happy, healthy and at home”.

When I was told by the doctor of the hospital “your husband is unresponsive and…”

I repeatedly said I want to see my husband holding to one and only one outcome  “Daddy happy, healthy and at home”.

When I walked in and saw a white and grey unclothed intubated body on a gurney I held to one Creation.

I located the Creative power manifested in the body of my husband and repeated. “No matter what this looks like – this is not our reality, you are pure Source, your body is a miracle, you can heal in an instant, you will. The boys and I hold you in your highest and best outcome. And So It IS.” I held the bottom of his feet and felt the energetic connection shift. In that moment – the reported world changed and changed very quickly. What before was somber was now emergency as they took action that matched creating the only outcome allowed.

From that instant to 90 hours later when Daddy was happy, healthy and at home through the minute by minute reported world of “coma, pneumonia, acute kidney injury, etc. etc. etc. The one Creative power held was Daddy happy healthy and at home.

In our world on planet earth, the globally reported situation is what it is. But it is NOT what it has to be. It is not our job to sort through and continue to report something we do not choose.

And so I invite you to Create a new world with me. I invite you to invoke your highest awareness, your Divine connection. I invite you to hold our planet and each and every inhabitant in highest good and best outcome. And no matter what the reported world currently says – we hold to the Peace, Harmony, Compassion, Love, Truth, Empathy, Joy, Health, Well Being, Peace of Earth.

I hold this for our planet. I see this. I know this and I hold this for every being on this planet.

Prayer works. Prayer is the Created world held with pure Faith and continually Created until it is Manifest.

We can Create a new reported world. And when you see the sun rise and it’s rays upon the Earth know that it is the love, your love, my love, Divine Love reflecting back to us, that love and peace Created.

And So It Is.

Stephana Johnson

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Can Four Letter Words Relieve Stress?

Words are like magic. They cast spells. Some are positive. Some negative.

Your body believes every word you say. Your mind is so powerful it can make a word, whether thought, written or spoken, become reality.

Without even writing them here, if I ask you to imagine fowl 4 letter words, the electrical negativity spews  forth like ghosts and goblins in the night.

Affirmations have been proven to change the chemistry of water, the brain and blood.

What are affirmations? Words. Even a single word.

Feel the energy change when you cast the spell of these 4 letter words.

  • PETS
  • YOGA
  • WALK
  • PLAY
  • LOVE
  • HUGS
  • GLAD
  • PRAY
  • GOOD
  • NICE
  • MOVE
  • MOON

Whether you belong to Slytherin house or use the magic of Glinda the good witch, the choice is yours.
Here is a 5 and 9er for you: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

How can I help you make your body, mind and business more magical?  Connect with Stephana at or  Stephana Johnson is a Master Personal Trainer and Holistic Coach changing lives from the inside out.