MEDITATE to Reduce Stress

Did you know that stress fills the body with toxins? Stress can actually make us crave all the wrong things! But rather than going on a major detox, did you know that meditation is actually more effective, and much faster than going on a detox diet?

Meditation is the perfect stress reliever. Take a few minutes and try this simple meditation:

Sit or lay down.

Allow your body to feel slightly heavy.

Bring your attention to your belly button and see a little light flickering. Now take a deep breath in and as you do visualize the flame stretching and reaching up. Now breathe out slowly and completely. Visualize the flame becoming a ball of light expanding out from that original flame and transforming anything that is not in your highest and best good and releasing it fully.

Continue this for a couple of minutes.

Bring your hands to your belly – where the original flame flickers brightly as if it is now content, whole, complete. Take a breath in and now imagine as you breathe you are being held by the earth and visualize all people, thoughts, ideas, energy that are in alignment with your highest and best good are attracted to you.

Bring your awareness to your heart.

Put a smile on your face.


Now notice how you feel. You can do that anytime you desire.

Peace and Blessings

May the CHI be with you 😉

Road trips can be a blast but they can also be back breaking! The reason your back hurts isn’t because it’s back breaking work – it’s because the muscles and joints around the back are shortening, tugging and pulling at the spine. That’s why the back suffers.

But after 8000 miles traveling from coast to coast in 1 month – I’m here to tell you, if you do these three moves like I did, at nearly every stop, it will fast become your go to road rescue remedy.

  1. Arms clasp behind the back. Gently “pocket” your shoulders down in the the sockets (don’t let them climb up to your ears). Gently lift them away from the back, extending and lifting 20 – 30 times. It will take a few and then the shoulders will start to release and you can get more range of motion.
  2. Split lunge with arms clasped in front. Raise arms up as you lunge forward. Start out slow. Keep the weight in the heel but balance the energy in the foot so your toes stay down and spread. Take it as deep as you can easily hold for a moment then switch. Alternate. 10-20 repetitions.
  3. Swinging tree with side to side lunge. Rotate the toes out – this is an internal hip rotation – you should feel your booty muscles piriformis turn on to hold your pelvic bones in neutral (see pelvic neutral foundation video series if needed). Gently swing your arms around your body in “swinging tree”. The arms can gently tap up against the body – great for flow of CHI. Breathe deeply. Do this for 20 seconds or longer ideally 2 minutes.
  4. SMILE!!