It is better to come from a place of love than a place of fear

How to show up for a life you love

I amaze myself every time I discover a new trigger nowadays.

Why? Because I’ve figured out how wonderful they actually can be.

Yep, I know it sounds absurd. But look at it this way, if they are going to show up, who knows when, who knows where, why not embrace it and come from a place of love. Now that’s not the whole topic of this blog post. In my video post I talk about the love and fear piece. And it’s big. Becoming aware of a non optimum circumstance, thought, behavior that isn’t serving you or your well being takes some skill.

To help move through the triggers smoothly, I offer this piece on fear vs love. See how the fear piece is showing up in areas of your life.

For me, I totally had the fear of hurting another’s feelings so much so that I actually dated a guy (I was actually repulsed by) that a friend said I’d be perfect for and should marry. Dear GOD I am grateful I didn’t marry him, but I did actually date him and stay in a miserable relationship for over a year because I acted from fear. Not only that, I thought I deserved it and it was some kind of penance. Huh? Yep! And, gee, that was fun to clear.

Wasted time, wasted heart space. Every day I could feel how much I had given up on my happiness and my dreams in order to please another, just to avoid upsetting anyone. Yes, I know! It’s sometimes a hard thing to admit. Hurrah, I’ve forgiven myself.

Let’s stand our ground. Let’s speak from our authentic voice (it doesn’t mean being unkind – saying No Thank you in a gentle and confident way is just fine). So as our fears are triggered they are presenting themselves so we can release them! If you have a past of trauma and abuse some of the triggers in the present can feel something like being stuck in people pleasing. Let’s heal that, shall we!