Why I Chose To Delete My FaceBook Account and Get A REAL Life

I’ve been on and off FB since its inception.

Originally feeling I needed to get a FB account to be “part of the group”. I prefer NOT to be part of groups as a rule but my husband at the time was a “social” butterfly and felt I was being anti social with a bad attitude.

Nope, I just prefer authentic conversations over superficial nonsense. So when I did get my FB account I vowed to be authentic but private.

There are 3 main reasons why I chose to get off of FB permanently this past Sunday. And here is why I think you should consider it as well.

3. So many people identify themselves and others with “likes” and “emoticons” or if you prefer twitter, then followers, or snap chat or whatever your social media choice might be.

Our youth of today are getting obsessed to the point of SUICIDE!

Dear Lord help us all here. This is NOT good.

We can’t let our children, our teens or anyone really think their value is predicated on subscribers, followers, likes or friends and then who likes or shares.


Might want to think about this one a bit especially if you are feeling some back lash reading this. It might be hitting close to home.

Anyway, I could no longer allow myself to even contribute to this idea of valuing our worth through a tap on a stupid phone – it violated my core values and did not align with any goals I had, have or will have.

Instead I vow to look every person in the eye I see today and each and every day and acknowledge them – either verbally, physically with a nod or a hug or a smile and let them know they MATTER just because.

2. It sucks time and we all have so little precious time folks.

I do not want to be remembered by how many hours, likes, friends, followers, subscribers, et al on FB or other social media. Do YOU?

I want to be remembered for the gifts I am here to share and how many others I helped inspire to share theirs!

So this brings me to the TOOLS – Tools are from the PILOT Your Way© T meaning Tools of life.

Is social media a tool? It certainly can be.

I do have a business account and I do share to social media directly from my blog where I communicate and try to inspire. Otherwise, I spend as much time in living, breathing, present connectedness with nature, my family, my friends, myself, as I can.

What do you do with your TIME?

1. The number one reason I deleted my personal FB account on Sunday is a dear and beloved friend felt betrayed because from all appearances I was spending more time with other FB “friends” than her.

This sweet, lovely friend saw my life through the lens of social media. I know they felt they should have been told “first” rather than seeing it on a post. So what I realized is that what I posted to FB was basically defining who I was and those who lived on FB began to have an image of me that was one that was FACEBOOK pieces not anything but that. And because I did feel I had to keep up appearances on FB and other social media for my business I had less than no time to have a real conversation with my REAL friends. Painful, sad, timely lesson on top of the cake of the last 6 weeks with Yogilachi Fitness Studio closing.

Well, there is NO WAY anyone can live their life on or through FB – I don’t even want to know if someone actually does – I’ve seen a few who put their divorce trials and hate posts and POLITICS?!?!? and weddings and births and that’s awesome if that’s what they consciously choose. But – that’s not reality.

Life and living, it is reality.

People get sick, tired, have moods, moments, struggles, challenges. They also have wins, huge successes, bliss, delight, sadness, joy and every single thing in between. To post every piece of that to social media is just gross and inappropriate! It’s NOT REAL! Please, please save your children and especially our precious teens and young adults from this emotional and mental suicide. Life can be so full of wonderful authentic connections lived outside of our thumbs and index fingers – they have bodies and brains and hearts and…rant over! (Beside as a health and fitness coach – I’ll tell you – if you don’t use it you WILL lose it!)

So I ask you – are you really living life if you are living it through social media?

Are you just Faking it?

Are you putting out things to get recognition and attention?

What needs are you trying to get met by social media? Are they getting met?

If you have children, do they see you and do they identify themselves or you by your likes, friends, followers, subscribers?

It’s been 4 days since I deleted it. I don’t regret it at all. I’ve gained a life back and the insight and breath of fresh air I feel waking up NOT having any desire or pattern in place to check social media is RIGHT. (I’ll update you in a month and a year)

What about you?

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