Why You Must Do The Deep Work To Make Lasting Positive Changes In Your Body, Mind and Life

When I first began creating Yogilachi in the 90’s it was around the physical body and optimal movement with little focus on how the mind came in to play. Only to practice the movement mindfully. But there is much more to this “mindfulness” practice – it’s the deep work we need to do. For the body is a direction reflection of the mind.

As I progressed over the years I came to realize that a more holistic (WHOLE) approach was needed. Coming at total well being would have to be looked at from the mind and how it affected the body. There fore we would have to address the mind directly – dealing with negative thought patterns that ultimately leads to the body adapting. The body listens to the mind. So we need to have the mind in the best condition as possible. The input needs to be clean, purposeful and healthy.

We also need to address how we fuel and nourish the body. So we have nutrition. Yes, this is in terms of food. Food being our body’s medicine and the best medicine for our body. Nutrition, or nourishment for the body, the mind, the spirit comes in multiple forms. The suns rays, the moons rays, the earths energy, the air, the ether, the water we drink, wash and swim in. All of these must be taken in to consideration for a wholistic program to be complete.

Each step of Yogilachi is about optimal mindset, movement and nutrition, leaving out obsolete or less than optimum practices. It is where the deep work comes in.

Part of the process or ramp up phase is to clear away unsupportive habits, thoughts, objects and people in our environment that do not contribute to our optimal well being. That required deep work to even contemplate addressing.

It’s become all too common place to drift through life from one message to the next, not certain where you are going and unclear where you’ve been. I hope that the book Yogilachi will bring some insight and a complete plan to help you regain or create newly your best life.

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