Minding the Brain for Optimal Performance

Monday Morning Mentoring

The month of January is BRAIN health focus here at Yogilachi. Last week we looked at nutrition and Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) as part of healthy brain function.

This week we are talking about a pretty neat component of the brain called the reticular activating system or RAS for short.

This handy little mechanism in our brain keeps us from going unconscious due to over stimulation from our surroundings. It helps us process or filter out so we only “receive” what we really need, or what it calculates we only really need.

Now I want to introduce you to another concept the CON or Control center and we’ll use the word RAS CON. I can’t take credit for this, it actually came from a book I read during the time I was in to Psychocybernetics. The author made great sense about the brain and especially the reticular activating system. So over the past 10 years I’ve used this principle for myself and the last several years with my clients. It’s genius. It’s simple. It’s workable and it’s fast.

Join me this Friday LIVE on FB and I’ll walk you through a basic RAS CON meditation.

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