Taking on Our Brain

Monday Morning Mentoring - Happy New Year!

If I only had a brain!

Well you do! We all do and we better start taking better care of it and fast!

This month  (January 2018 HAPPY NEW YEAR!) we are focused on BRAIN HEALTH!

Did you know your brain is 60% fat? WHOA! So, that fat free diet I put myself on for years and was sold to us for a generation, perhaps was about the worst thing we did for that generations brain and body health. Yep. Just look at the epidemic of mental and physical dis-ease and obesity. It’s even worse than shag carpet and perms…(trying for some humor and to lighten up a bit this year. We’ll see how long that lasts)

Luckily our bodies (and brains) are amazing miracles and can HEAL! That’s right!

So this month we are focused on actions we can take right now – for better brain health.

Ready!? Let’s do this!


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