The Power of Slow in a World On Hyper Drive

Why You Need to SLOW Down Right Now

Life is moving at an all time extreme velocity. Through marketing images, through the fast pace of social media, even our education system has been set on hyper drive teaching our youngest life is meant to be lived at a race pace with a what’s next foot out the door. Expectations to keep up this pace has us ever more stressed and increasingly less happy.

Hyper drive is clearly not the most effective way to operate. It certainly isn’t when it comes to sending a message to your body nor is it in sending a good message to another person you may be having a conversation with. I personally move very fast in life and my energy has always been on over drive. I think that’s why I was attracted to tai chi and yoga at a very early age, to help me ground and direct my naturally fast moving energy. But when I began deeper self study, I realized this fast pace was sabotaging my ability to learn and process, to experience and to share.

When you are with another person, and their velocity is at an all time high, what kind of message does that send you?

It’s an important message isn’t it?

And it’s one we send to ourselves too.

Training clients in my studio, I teach them to have a conversation with their bodies. Not beat it up or twist it into a pretzel. Instead to slow down and have a gentle conversation with their body.

This concept wasn’t fully getting across and so I pondered on it more and more. What I discovered is that there aren’t too many real conversations happening anymore. So to ask one to slow down and have a conversation with their own body wasn’t something real. It was desired but not a skill developed.

People aren’t taking the time to go deep and connect, to slow down and really feel. Everything has been in a snippet and fast and on to the next.  I ask you, what kind of message is this sending? To the listener?  To your own body?

If we are buzzing around, checking texts, snapchat et al and not fully present as we flit off to the next agenda item, what message does that send?

Doesn’t it show that everything is important and nothing is important?

We have to undercut this whole process called life to include fundamentals – such as learning to breathe correctly. A basic life altering gift; it’s the first moment of our lives and the last moment of our lives. Yet it has lost it’s power because of adaptation to a whizzing culture disconnected from their own breath – life force.

So let’s look at what it might mean to slow down.

When you slow down, you are sending a message to those around you as well as to yourself. You are saying “You are important to me. There is nothing I would rather be doing at this moment than be with you.” “This moment is precious” “I am present to this moment”. Can you imagine what kind of conversation can take place in this energy?

If you are leading a life you love, there is nothing more important than doing what you are doing in the moment you are in. With no fragmented energy or disconnected senses.

A rare commodity in the world today. Can you imagine if someone you cherished was fully present with you? Can you imagine if they took the time to slow down and just be with you? How would that feel?

Now imagine eating this way.

Now imagine breathing this way.

Now imagine moving this way.

In fact when we slow down in Yogilachi, and we bring our breath to a constant flow of calm inhale we can completely change the chemical make up of our cellular structure. It’s a Chi Kung phenomenon that can transform every part of your existence.

By slowing down we begin to pay attention in a way that allows us to connect more fully with our WHOLE selves and whatever we are doing as well as whomever we are with. It’s a heck of a lot easier to make wise decisions from this vantage point too folks. I think less mistakes would happen in general on this planet if we all applied this idea.

What would happen if you gave yourself the opportunity to fully experience the richness of life?

To discover the subtle diversity and exquisite unity of ourselves and the other person?

This is profound. This is what nirvana is in yoga.

There are simple ways of slowing down and then there are the hard ways where you are forced to slow down. Give yourself the luxury of SLOWING down consciously.

Slow down and enjoy life. It’s not only the scenery you miss by going too fast – you also miss the sense of where you are going and why. Eddie Cantor

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