How To Do An At Home Colonic

From healing my cancer and healthy living protocols

When I was finally diagnosed with Celiac disease after a string of diagnosis trying to find out what was “wrong” I found out about colonics as a Tool for self healing.

This was back in the 90’s when little was even considered around gluten and it’s harm on our gut health.  You see, I was in great shape physically but I was constantly sick, lethargic, depressed, had anxiety attacks and so on. I had diagnoses of lupus, fibromyalgia, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome and from the cult I was in I was known as PTS (potential trouble source). The common theme here though – it’s all symptomatic. None of it ever looked at the WHOLE person. So to even consider that what’s going on in the intestines might have an effect on the whole was really unheard of.

To date though, the 2nd biggest progress I made was when colonics were recommended to me by my Functional Medicine MD. The first has to do with the mind and our thoughts and that’s in another article worth checking out.

Although it was the first I’d investigated  colonics for myself, hydro therapy has been around since ancient Egyptian times and I knew about enemas. In fact, enemas we not uncommon only distasteful to discuss and likely “died out” as a very simple workable solution illness around the same time our natural and traditional diet and medicine was displaced in the early part of the 1900s.

My first set of colonics I did with a professional therapist. I learned so much from her and appreciate the experience greatly.  I started out doing 2 per week for a month then 1 weekly then 1 monthly for about a year. It may seem like a lot – and I’ve heard people say they don’t need it because they poop regularly, but believe me when I say, there could be a lodged piece of dead food in your upper intestines…well…it’s not really a fun topic but it’s necessary.

I had done regular (weekly) coffee enemas as part of the Gerson therapy for cancer but my RBTI practitioner reminded me the significant difference between the enema and the colonic. They are not even close to being the same.

The enema is only getting the lower colon…

It’s very rare that only 1 colonic is needed. Colonics can get expensive. Right now they are around the $75 market –  well worth it with a competent colon hydrotherapist of course but my budget couldn’t handle how many I would need over this period to get my health back. So I decided to invest in my own colonic board.

This is the colon board I have at home.




It’s all relative of course because I was an active health and fitness trainer and was really good at my job. But I think many people who go into a career they are passionate about do so because they have either been helped from it or have had someone they love helped. And we also keep learning because we want to keep getting better, for ourselves and for our clients.

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