Here’s a Simple Trick To Avoid Gaining Extra Weight and Have Healthy Teeth Too!

When I was modeling in NYC (oh about 25 years ago!) I was always on a “diet”.

One of the best tips that helped me to take anxiety off of dieting was to brush and floss my teeth after I would eat.

After 10-12 times of brushing and flossing my teeth I realized I was eating too many times a day.

When you realize you could be snacking without even thinking – this is including sipping on drinks throughout the day as well as “nibbles” here and there from a candy dish, nut dish or whatever is left out or on hand. it adds up. Not only for the waist line but for the mouth.

After a visit with our dentist and one son having high bad bacteria in his mouth and the other nearly none I realized the difference. My youngest with the high bacteria was constantly nibbling and sipping on kombucha or some special concoction of a drink (usually laced with honey) and this would sit on his teeth and the bacteria would thrive.

So moral of the story – eat your meal then close the kitchen, brush your teeth and don’t eat again or drink (except water) until your next meal. Then repeat! That’s it. Pretty simple. Try it out and let me know how it goes!