Feel Your BEST, in Just 3 Weeks?

It's possible with Yogilachi 21-Day Kickstart Semi-Private Training. Here's how it works, week by week:

  • Learn fundamental fitness skills to achieve optimal movement
  • Continue to work on the moves you've learned while increasing the number of reps and intensity.
  • Attend special sessions on nutrition in the first part of class to learn how to eat for strength. You'll also start adding cardio "homework" into your pre-class prep.
  • Assess what you've achieved so far and correct course if needed to hit your goals by the end of the program.
  • Measure what you've accomplished and document a fitness plan to maintain the gains you've achieved long term.

What's Included

  • Pre-Post Assessment
  • Healthy Living Consultation
  • Nutrition Seminar
  • Body Fat Analysis and Measurements
  • 5 Strength & Agility Sessions 
  • 5 High Energy Agility Training (Yogilachi H.E.A.T.®) sessions
  • 3 Yogilachi Flow & Glow Sessions  

What To Expect: The 21-Day Kickstart is for motivated individuals who want to recommit to their optimal health in a caring, supportive environment.  

 With healthy eating, smart training, optimal mindset and peer support, we guarantee you will see visible results!  

Align your nutrition with holistic, leading edge understanding. Increase your strength and improve your flexibility & cardio health. Lose fat & gain lean muscle mass. Results Guaranteed! All Inclusive. Total Investment $549. Sign Up Today!

  •  Read the reviews, request a consult.
  • Don't hesitate. Invest in your health and fitness.
  •  It will be the best decision you've ever made! I promise!

Our Next Kick Start Will Start March 5th, 2018:


Hear What Past Attendees Have Said

"I was in a terrible rut when I went looking for Stephana... Stephana is the perfect resource for balance, fitness, nutrition, and self care. I came out with so much hope for my future and I’m on fire!" 

Kim, Winter 2018

“As much as I've tried to commit to other fitness programs, I'd never seen serious results before I worked with Stephana of Yogilachi. I've maintained all the progress I achieved and then some.”

Kelly, Summer 2017 

Ready to try it for yourself?

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