Are You Living From Your Created World or Out of the Reported World?

Master Key Master Mind Alliance Experience Week 21

Week 21 is about TRUTH.

A core value in our principle led life, as well as a fundamental component in our homeschooling.

Truth expands as our awareness continues to expand. This brings about confusion and chaos for some, calm and clarity for others.

Is TRUTH what you see in the news/social media? Is Truth what you hear at your church? Is Truth what you read about in the tabloids or from a prolific author? Is Truth found in your bank account? Is Truth discovered in your cereal bowl? Is Truth cultivated in your relationship with the world?

What is TRUTH?

That is a HUGE question. Right up there with – WHO AM I? and To be or not to be…

I am not here to tell you what your TRUTH is…but I will share with you what mine looks like this week.

When I began homeschooling my boys 6 years ago, I started with the end in mind. In reverse engineering what my intention was at the end of the journey, I created a frame work for us to be held through out the journey. This container is build around TRUTH. We use TRIBAL Academy as our “school” name. For us it means:







Everything we do, day in and day out is around the practical application and conceptual understanding of Truth and each of the above.

We do not study the bible the way most do – we look at the bible as allegory, christ as a concept, god as good and part of a duality that exists in the universe in order to know oneself.

Truth is not what you see. It is what you believe. It is also what you give your power to – knowingly or unknowingly.  This sums it up nicely this part 21, number 26, from Haanel:

“As long as the people regard the Cosmic power as a power non-human and alien to humanity, so long will it be comparatively easy for a supposed privileged class to rule by Divine right in spite of every protest of social sentiment. The real interest of democracy is therefore to exalt, emancipate and recognize the divinity of the human sprit. To recognize that all power is from within…”

More than any other experience this one experience when “daddy” had a heart attack in 2015 awakened me to more TRUTH in an empirical way. Because I was able to actually apply everything I had learned to that point, to an end resolution that was my TRUTH. My boys TRUTH. The true power of MASTER MIND.

You can read about that here:

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5 thoughts on “Are You Living From Your Created World or Out of the Reported World?

  1. True ;-)) !
    What a decision to do homeschooling ! Big bravo to you, and for your awareness and wisdom shown in your post ! This week for me the word I think I will write about is love… Not sure to have understood what it is, finally… I will be happy to read your comment about it ! Blessings to you.