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Master Key Master Mind Alliance Experience Week 22

Coinciding with the Master Key Lesson 22 is the change to Og Mandino’s Scroll 6 as well as the introduction of SILENCE.

To me, these 3 components are paramount to the lost manual for operating successfully in life.

I can’t help but desire that more people experience this knowledge and understanding of how to regain their own control over their body, their mind, their emotions, their life.

I think since I came into this life time I have searched and studied. I have spent countless hours and unspeakable amounts of money searching for this answer. I chose my parents and knew that scientology would be a part of my process. I spent my childhood seeing a different world of it’s people and the “religion”. Then I studied it myself and became a highly trained auditor and a chaplain of the church – (auditor is essentially a specifically trained counselor, therapist in the tools and techniques of the body of knowledge known as dianetics and scientology) Actually, there is not another name for auditor – scientology defines it fine when it’s someone who listens and computes…clearly more to it but it’s much more than a counselor. The original goal of scientology was to wake man up, to free the spirit (called thetan in scientology) and train him how 1. not to become trapped again 2. help others get untrapped 3. expand abilities.

I do not know what they as an organization are doing these days, as I observed it, it become a systematically oppressive bureaucratic cult with intentions to harm by mind control – exactly what I believe the founder had created to UNdo. I will always have my knowledge and understanding, my experience and tools however. And for that I’m grateful.

I’m asking myself, how does the above color my experience of the MKMMA? Well, it’s quite interesting to me. The similarities of concepts are clear. With MKMMA we have more of a tapestry that works well together. Instead of a singular body of one man’s viewpoint. I like this piece a lot and think it’s workable for many people. I think it is another stepping stone on the awakening. But as with any body of work, not for everyone.

From start to finish this week, I believe this is my favorite so far. But is it just because of the culmination of everything at this point? Possibly.

Beginning with Joseph Campbell’s Power of Myth! Oh how I love this series!! Bill’s interview is awe inspiring! I get chills of excitement at understanding these concepts with more depth. I can’t tell you how many times I watched these over the last 20 years, always something new! When I first saw it, I had no understanding of MYTH and would fall asleep. I was inculcated into a dogma that I couldn’t think of anything outside of that box. Intentionally made that way in scientology – one reason why I would never suggest someone seek answers there at this time.

Lesson 22 continues to expound on the concepts of vibration and thought as the senior operating force in man. This is vital to understand as our thoughts are being controlled by external agenda on a moment to moment basis. I think the most important solution is what was introduced this week – doing a longer silent sit. 72 hours ideally. Because I sit in the silence daily and have done many hours intentionally in the silence,I understand this and know the power.

But more so as a part Native, I know this as a “Vision Quest” a name given by “white man” but it fits nicely for now. For me, this is a right of passage and vital for every human being. My son is 12 now, I watch for the signs now. I was 10 on my first. But I see him ready and I am preparing for this. Dax at 9 has already had his first. So everyone is different and age is arbitrary. I am grateful to have these new tools from MKMMA for myself as his mother to continue to guide and more importantly, allow for my precious boys to unfold in a supportive environment. Prayers for the future generations.

If there were only one thing I could teach someone about being cause over life, it would not be to study some material, to read another passage, to listen to a lecture, to dance or eat or sing or buy or any other of countless false gods – it would be to go into the SILENCE.


And I’m excited for another week of self direction as we head in to the final weeks of this brilliant experience!

Blessings one and all.

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