Finding Your Stride

Master Key Master Mind Week 15 Experience

You know when you’ve been working at something a bit challenging that you really want to accomplish? You know that point at which you’ve persisted, you’ve put in the work, the sits, the readings, the piles of index cards, the focus, the determination, the will, the love, the joy???

You know that moment when everything just clicks? That it all becomes effortless?

Well…I’ve hit my stride!

I’ve practiced some form of martial arts or active improvement always. So I’m familiar with the ebb and flow. Familiar with the sensation of beginning something new and it being difficult or feeling clumsy, sometimes excruciating before the calluses have built up. And I know to continue on my chosen path now, because that is the only way through.

I usually don’t run from too much, mainly because I am mindful as to what I choose to pursue. Yet I’ve experienced the desire to “run” and rabbit away from the painful or not so cozy, comfy old habits. And that’s just not workable if you want to expand. Those old habits, blueprints, coats – they just won’t fit. And to try to shrink yourself to fit is going to be worse in the long run. I totally have the empirical evidence of this knowledge now.

Looking back over the last year, the last 5 years. I see so many times where I tried to fit back into that old cool jacket I spent years trying to make fit just right only to find myself ripping the delicate seems out as I tried to stretch. When that gorgeous new jacket, albeit a vision, was there underneath all along – a perfect fit for me NOW. It was just waiting for me to shed the old. I wonder if that is what it feels for the snake? And then when we are ready, the next skin appears and that old sheds. It would be just easier to go with this natural process instead of fighting it, wouldn’t it?

The shiny new coat can’t be seen yet. Or someone dressed you and so you kept the jacket on because you gave them the authority over you – to tell you, mold you on what’s cool and what’s not. Hmmmm

( 🙂 this is an example of a great jacket that’s just too small – I couldn’t resist!)

But this week…ah…this week has been just peachy. So much so that I actually feel I’ve got a good rhythm going.

And so, I will continue to keep moving forward, upward. Growing, expanding. Allowing for the resting, recovering cycle to be part of my process.

And I will celebrate all the joy and wonder and love and interest that comes with the ebb and flow, moving my way upward in awareness and capacity as a whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, happy ME!!

What I am most excited about in this moment is that I am actively sharing these tools with my boys. I have the insight now in how to bring this to my boys, gently and in a way that will nourish their minds and souls, as well as allow me to feel confident and competent as their teacher and mom. That brings soaring delight with tears of joy as I express my gratitude for Divine insight here.

Here’s an oldie but a goodie from Earl that’s been a beautiful thread to add to the tapestry.

There is no better way to spend one’s time on a daily basis, no matter what’s going on (well… if your hair is on fire, go ahead and get that put out first). But to sit and get quiet, be still and relax the mind. Relax into that Divine consciousness. You don’t even need to do anything. No chant, no question, no candle. Just BE. That’ll do. That’ll do.

Ok, shorter post this week. I love my TRIBE so very much.

I am grateful beyond any words.

I wrap each of you in love and light and chi.





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5 thoughts on “Finding Your Stride

  1. Your tribe loves you too, Stephana! Great insight this week! Love that you’re sharing this with your boys. I look forward to sharing it with my grandson when he’s old enough. Hugs!

  2. Great blog and congratulations for finding your stride. We can share this with so many people.
    Your tribe loves you!!

  3. Hi Stephana! Just stopping by to check out what you wrote for your first post of 2018. I like the analogy of the coat that is to small. The picture of the model cracked me up. How wonderful to be able to share this experience with your boys.