How Important is Happiness, Health, Well Being, Prosperity…to you?

Master Key Master Mind Alliance Experience Year 2 Week 1

This will be the second year using the Master Keys through the MKMMA channel. This year, I decided to be a guide. Not because I felt I would be a fabulous guide (not yet anyway) but because I learn exponentially when I am in a leadership (teaching type) roll. So I stepped up as a Master Key Guide to help others and myself simultaneously – cool right?

Leadership is one of those nebulous, multi faceted words with countless theories of practice. It can look like the scattered, whack-a-do leaders or it can look like a dictatorial, power hungry, control freak, or it can look like micro managing, etc. I’m sure you get the idea.

Leadership for me is huge – in fact, my passion is helping Powerhouse Leaders® (a name I’ve now registered and branded as my vehicle to facilitate positive powerful transformation planet wide -:)) recharge their inner “power source” and I’m writing all about this in my upcoming book “Powerhouse Leader” scheduled for release in 2019.

My perspective as a guide this year is one that allows me to step back into the “aware of being aware” role that I prefer, while also implementing the new and old Tools for Optimal Life!

Let’s look at Og first – scroll 1. Great reminder of the power of habits and process vs outcome – again, a lot of good data around this but also old. I’ve studied Dr. Joe Dispenza a lot this year and the super powers that we have can blow “habits” out of the water. We know that we have to wire our neural pathways when we are operating in the frequency of matter, energy, space and time.

But! if we step into the Awareness of being Aware – well…things can change very fast. So that framework around habits and time is ultimately another illusion. However, if you are really mired in to those illusions, well, use the 21 days, 60+ days etc belief that it takes to make, change, undo rewire a “habit”. That’s one workable solution for that old framework.

Ok, now to get to the purpose of the title of today’s post: In Master Keys lesson 1, Haanel talks about the “getting the …. consciousness”. Get the health, wealth, happiness consciousness if what you want is health, wealth, happiness, etc. YUP! That’s fairly a no brainer and easy to do. EXCEPT when we get distracted….right?!?

Take a look at any news station, social media or other outside mainstream channel today and you are going to be bombarded with the most insane, stinky, stupid horse puckey around. And guess what…it’s set up that way so your “consciousness is filled” with a whole lot of horse puckey (at times I prefer the straight up  S$%* word but for those gentler readers I’ve modified it, you’re welcome!).

So what’s a person to do?! We must focus! FOCUS on the “getting into the consciousness” you DO want! Is it health? Happiness? Wealthy? Love? Joy? Peace? Understanding? Well…get THAT consciousness and FILL up on it! So full that there is NO room – not even a crack left for anything other than what you WANT!

And how do you do that? Well, Haanel is going to teach you with some exercises to apply after each of the lessons.

And at the end of the first lesson, the exercise he has you tackle is to get you to SIT – still, 100% STILL for 15 minutes. How hard is that for ya? For me, way back when…nearly impossible. Now? It’s my sanctuary! Plus I went through a dogmatic training system that had 2 hour SITS before you could “pass” to the next step – not even to blink or scratch an itch! So, 15 ?!  easy peasy!

Overall, gotta say, I’m super excited! I love my Tribe! I always benefit from being “plugged in” to a MASTER MIND! And the tools, while some are a bit archaic, still have merit! And I’ve adapted. Neville Goddard is still the most streamlined right to it from the I AM. So he’ll be my favorite for a long time to come and he’s still my primary daily study. All the cool stuff that came out when Neville, Haanel, Hill… does make me wonder if there was something going on in the early 20th century that we’ve got all of these great works. Neville uses the allegory of the Bible and Haanel does not – but they work nicely together. All so very fascinating to me.

If you want to get started on your own path to discovering the most important person in the world (hint: it’s YOU!!) and you want a little more help from me, I would start with the 7 Day Mental Diet Challenge – You can grab that here:

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