Master Key Master Mind Alliance Week 8 Experiences

Everything has it's price

Do the thing and you shall have the power – law of nature!

There is only perfect compensation of the universe. As we sow so shall we reap.

The absolute balance of give and take –

“beware of too much good staying in your hand – pay it away quickly in some sort.” YES!! GIVE! You are here to give of your LIGHT – your gifts – your GRACE!!! IT is already within you!! Seek within! Then GIVE it freely.

Emerson’s Essay 3 on Compensation – now the 5th time studying this piece? It’s becoming a full conceptual piece rather than words. It has taken on so much in my world by studying this essay. I wonder what it will be like to read it over the next couple more weeks.  It has come so far in my understanding.

“Everything has it’s price.”

“The thief steals from himself, the swindler swindles himself”

knowledge and virtue cannot be stolen…

virtue and nature –

Master Key 8!! Daily read brings about more and more insight. This is the 3rd read for 8 – it’s now magical. Is it the piece Daven introduced by looking at numbers and seeing letters?

How we perceive things – WHOA! This makes all the difference. It is as if a matrix is being formed.

As I touch everything, I can instantly go to the beginning of it’s origin. The carpet I stand on, each key on the key board, the screen, the plant next to me, my tea, the mug, my body!! My life!! OMG!!! This is mind blowing!!!

Every single thing that is in this universe right now – had an origin!!!! And what was that origin!?!?!? YES!!!!

And that is the magic!! Can you feel that?!?! We can shift everything!! There never need be suffering or the insanity… restore your sense of origin.

Prune the vines! You! Not something outside of you!?! Never something outside of you. That is freedom my friends! That is the greatest gift for you to know. YOU ARE. THE. I AM!


The step of daily reading – quality over quantity.

This builds in depth.

Rather than going wide in a scoop that doesn’t allow roots to take hold.

In the past I would read 2-4 books a week. I’d have dozens of books going on at a time. Quantity over quality. More and more “stuff”.

The wise man knows himself. Can you look in the mirror and know without a doubt your thoughts, your actions, your hopes and your dreams will yield the greatest life you could lead?

Every stroke shall be repaid. Compound interest on compound interest. This is more than just money – it’s everything!!

Cheating nature is futile.

Natural law says there is growth of the seed you plant. You cannot plant seeds of evil, anger, greed and expect to have love, good, kindness and peace in your life. This world is a reflection and reverberation of the compensation.

My past has been frought with seeds of unknown origin strewn haplessly about. As soon as a bud might sprout a trampling I’d go. Like a great giant child without any candor and only flight of fancy.

Sanguine – flighty, bubbly, airy – that has been a label in the past. I love part of that about myself. That I can be light, free and flit easily and not be mired down in the bogs of life. But I also admire the depth of roots growing deep in rich fertile soil so that olive tree will not be plucked before the first olive can even gleem.

Balance. Nature. Compensation. All of these beautiful pieces coming together.

As my relationship of 17 years is different now, not bad, not good, just different. And how will it support my seeds of love, kindness, compassion, creativity, competency, service, care and will as I leave a lasting legacy, as I raise my boys, as I renew hope for love and intimacy and deep and wonderful connection on a level I have longed for?

Will I be contentious? No. For what purpose will that serve? Only to trample and choke out the blessed seeds I have so carefully planted.

Now I nourish these seedlings and I nurture with love, joy, peace, kindness, wisdom, calm confidence in the knowing.

This is blessed to me. A gift. However we come to this place of taking back the controls of our lives, it must be done. But it starts within.

I have been on this journey since before this lifetime. I have taken many paths. I will explore many more. But my guide is clear and pure and she is the woman in the glass. I am so very proud of the gal in the glass. And to look in her eyes night after night, day after day and without any doubt have the purest of love – that is the greatest gift I could know.

Everyone will experience different shifts through this Master Key Master Mind Alliance. In this moment, the pieces that culminate are profound and awe inspiring. I am deeply grateful.





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3 thoughts on “Master Key Master Mind Alliance Week 8 Experiences

  1. Another awesome post! And, I can happily say that I relate. Quality over quantity is my new mantra as I prune and sculpt and curate my environment and my life. Thank you for this post!