Master Key Master Mind Alliance Week 9

Free energy sources for everyone

In this moment I have Nikola Tesla on my mind. He dreamed of having free energy sources for everyone and made so much possible in the physical world. He’s one to study for certain and it’s a joy to homeschool just so I can spend time delving into such wonderful living books with my boys.

Master Key 9 brings my favorite topic more to life with it’s action step of the week. Visualizing a flower or plant. Mine is an orchid. The wild orchid with it’s fragrant aroma and radiant purple of royal delight. I become giddy with joy at this process.

I knew going in on week 1 that I was going to do this 100% or not at all. And so in 9 weeks my life is very different than when it began. Pure exhilaration doesn’t begin to describe but will suffice.

The divorce I dreaded for years is now a gift to all. I am better friends with him than we’ve been in years. That is a joy. My precious boys are whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.

But back to the lesson of the week! We each have free energy source within us. I know this now. Everything we could want is within our grasp. The thing is, we’ve been made to think we want things we really do not want, need, nor truly desire. Many are not even optimal for us. So we must think again.

What do you really want in your deepest of your hearts. Not what the school teachers, parents, politicians or celeb media promote. What do YOU desire? I doubt that it is a bobble but it’s ok if you have bobbles on your list. Just go deeper and when you do, you will find an that free energy source!

I’ve been diligent about my Definite Major Purpose, and throughout the past week, culminating in a crescendo of epic proportions, I experienced pure bliss so detailed from my DPM I had to acknowledge it as such.

In the past I would have jumped out of my skin in exuberant exhilaration, because it would have been too big to contain. Instead, I fully experienced every moment, every breath… and it was worth the price of admission for the “work” we are doing in the Master Key. I remember standing for a moment just taking it all in and holding a space of pure love and gratitude – KNOWING.

Reading how Nikola would envision completely, to the last detail, what he was creating before he even attempted anything in the physical world – that’s a profound lesson for me. I think it is a good one for all of those who start and stop so many things. We start a project, relationship, action without any real understanding or fully comprehending how it’s effect might or might not be aligned with our causal desire.


Releasing the mental, as well as the physical clutter, whether in terms of things, people, ideas or identities, is a necessary action if we are to harness the ultimate energy source within ourselves. And this energy is not only FREE, it is our ultimate FREEDOM.

There is nothing to lose except old patterns and old peptides that can be deleted – quite easily. Yes, you can trigger them again and likely they will be. But you will have a great many more tools with the Master Key to fully engage your conscious imagination, and you will be ready with the shift of the tide.

May you experience your greatest good and best outcome.

I see you as Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious, Happy.

I AM Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious, Happy.

An So It IS.

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