The Fruits of Our Labor

Master Key Master Mind Experience Week 20

While I feel a bit overwhelmed with all that I have “to do”,  I am beyond thrilled with what is on my list today as compared to last year at this time.

When my client Kris told me about MKMMA over a year and half ago it sounded great. But I was so full with life and business and family I didn’t have room. When he mentioned it to me in September, I probed a bit more. I was seeking something, what that was, I wasn’t certain. But I needed better support in my life and business that I knew.

I immediately liked Mark – his energy, his vulnerable, generous nature. I also really appreciated his simple explanation of universal laws and truth. It resonated like nothing has in a long while.

Immediately I enrolled in the $1 scholarship. No brainer right?

No catch. No hidden game. Kris had already told me what to expect.

I knew it was going to require work and it would be my work 1-2 hours each day. I was willing. I was equal to the task.

Little did I know that each of the components put together were exactly what would change my scattered, fragmented energy to a focused, congruent, consistent path.

I am beyond excited about this path, and while I have much I am in the middle of – sprouting, creating, birthing…I am truly whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and most of all HAPPY!

Each week there is more stability. A stronger foundation. The gold shines more brightly.

I feel honored and so delighted to have new friends that will likely be life long. Something I have wished for!

This week I had a free moment to jump on the Monday night name gathering webinar and heard Mark share and teach us about Twitter. THIS. WAS. AMAZING!! Not so much the content – yes, that was totally cool. But you know what it really was – and IS? MARK and his team GIVE. Freely. Kindly. Generously. WITHOUT AGENDA!! Do you know how rare that is? I am so very very very very GRATEFUL to know these people. To be a part of the TRIBE!

The foundational pieces that make up this master mind are unlike any other program out there. Wow do I feel lucky!!


When this enrolls in 2018 – I can promise you this – if you have ANY desire to rocket your life into the best ever – this would be a really smart thing to do!

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2 thoughts on “The Fruits of Our Labor

  1. I heard you on the Monday webinar! All that we get with this course is freakin’ amazing! So very grateful to Mark and Davene for all they give and for indirectly connecting us! You have been a blessing and inspiration to me! 🙂