To Experience Life or To Be Experienced by Life

Master Key Master Mind Alliance Week 17 HJ

My father was an electrical engineer, ahead of his time for certain. His understanding and skill in mathematics and electrical engineering balanced well with his knowledge and experience in the field of the spirit, nature and the esoteric. Because he could see things the average person could not even fathom an understanding and communicate it in fun terms, I learned a lot about this growing up.

My younger brothers are now both competent if not brilliant engineers and skilled in complex understanding of this field. For years I thought I didn’t get that gene, but I’m now coming to an understanding of particles and waves that was always there, only defined by other terms. These terms were in the form of spirit, nature and what I will call esoteric. That is where my connection with my father and the “gene” that was most active for me came to play.

I don’t know if this blog is a place for my musings of the universe – of particles, waves, electrons, energy…at least not at this time.

Because I am playing a game – an experiment, the hero’s journey with the Master Key Master Mind Alliance and allowing whatever is to unfold happen naturally, I don’t feel confident sharing my reality of the universe for the purpose of shaking another’s.

My purpose in this life is to see and hold highest good and best outcome for all – but not judge what that highest good and best outcome might be.

My reality is very different than most of the general population. I bend spoons – not regularly as that makes for poorly usable cutlery. But as a result of my journey, I realize quite rightly, that reality is as you experience it. And as you experience it, it is as you see it. As you see it, so you experience it.

Yes, I know. It’s like that.

It’s the chicken or the egg. If a tree falls…et al.

But the work I’ve put in over the last 17 weeks has been more effective and provided tangible results of more stable and consistent results of my dream, my definite chief aim in life and I believe it’s very valuable and a worthy pursuit.

So let’s start there. You might want to have a definite chief aim, a destination, a direction. It’s too easy to go adrift and get caught up in the old, plus things are moving at a much higher speed than even 5 years ago to go crashing around at random, if not unpleasant experiences.

It’s also to easy to be experienced by life, instead of experiencing life.

And as the great Joseph Campbell says, we are here to experience life.

We just don’t have to experience it as effect.

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