We All Need A Little Vitamin Sea and See and C

Master Key Master Mind Alliance Week 26 Experience

My boys have just left with their dad.

There is always a dual sensation within. Loss and a relaxing of muscles.

The first is a natural maternal feeling. The second, intentional.

They have been gone 6 minutes and I miss them already. It’s exactly what I need as a reminder of how precious they are to me and to NEVER EVER take them or a single moment with them for granted.

In 47 minutes I will be unplugging the internet, shutting off my phone and going into the silence.

I need to sleep first, but then I when I am ready I will get in my car and drive to the coast.

Upon arrival I will BE.

This is the only thing that is calling me – the lighthouse in an otherwise chaotic, overworked, overtaxed, overextended exhilarating existence in this high octane life of mine.

I’ve begun reading Master Key from intro and now on Lesson 4.

I am grateful for this post view – it’s as if I have never seen it before. But it’s in me. It’s in me, because I practiced it for 6 months.

I desire to create a local master mind connection as well as global and continue on as a Guide in the MKMMA. It is worthy of my time and treasure and talent. I’m grateful to have the opportunity. Temples, churches, synagogues do not hold the solution I once sought. We must now go forth on our own. But community is essential.

I won’t sacrifice my sovereignty and my self directed thoughts for community. Instead I will build one and they will come.

My MM partners V and N are anchors in a stormy sea – no they are the playful dolphins rescuing when needed, otherwise playfully exploring this beautiful ocean of life.

I am so grateful.


The residual effects of the divorce are old blueprints, patterns pulling me back to an outmoded resource. It’s ok. I know how to navigate this. I am wiser now. Yes, older too.

I can do this. I am smart enough. I am strong enough.

I want so much to bring Yogilachi® to the world. Knowing that I can help someone get out of pain without drugs and surgery – knowing this with every part of my being. And being able to teach this to them so they can be back in control of their health…how can I not want to share this with the world. For now, just with my community here. What is the block on this studio? Why is there still struggle with this landlord? Why is there still lies allowed on this line?

I will clear what needs clearing for me – for my universe. Then let go. I will set the intention and focus my thoughts. I will allow. I will hold the highest good and best outcome for all.

What a gift to be able to go to Cirque du Soleil Crystal and to Marrakesh last night. How grateful I am to share this beautiful experience with my boys because of gifts from a wonderful and generous client. I am grateful.

Glorious gratitude.

Whatever else, I am grateful.

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