You Get What You Give

Master Key Mastermind Alliance Experience Week 18

As a long time yogi I have studied about natural laws, universal laws.

The universal spiritual law of karma has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

I have seen so many viewpoints around the idea of karma. When the perspective is one of karma being a punishment, I believe it leads to less optimal results.

Fundamentally the spiritual law of karma breaks down like this:

  • as you give so you shall receive
  • you reap what you sow
  • you get what you give


Now, let’s look at how this plays out in one’s life: if we define our lives from cause or effect.

Say you see your life as a joy, experiencing true health; relationships are enjoyable, job is progressing nicely. Overall you feel it looks like a field of fragrant roses, some thorns, but you know how to navigate and deal with those calmly, fertilizing and pruning, watering and nurturing. You are delighted with it all and happy in general.

Or perhaps, you are miserable and think the world is going to hell in a hand basket. Your body is achy, maybe even chronically diseased, relationships are a shambles, finances and career are chaos, personal addictions, general disharmony or anywhere along those lines. You are probably unhappy in general and blame it on the world.

Let’s go back to the law of karma. Karma being experience, good or bad are alike considerations and have no bearing in karmic experience. For universal law does not judge.

You get what you give – let’s say this is true, ok, then we need to take a look at what you are getting and we can see what we’ve given. Not whether it is good or bad, only if it is what you desire.

As you give so you shall receive. There is a delay in that sentence. Do you see that? What are you receiving today? Is that important or is what you give today more important? If you believe in the law of karma, I’d say it’s probably a good idea to be focusing on what you are giving today. Because you know that is going to show up in the future. You can certainly look at what you are receiving today to check in and see if what you are giving is in alignment with your intentions.

Be easy about it. This life experience has appeared to become more complicated with all the billions of perspectives coming at us, in fact choking us. But remember, you are unique. You are nature’s greatest miracle. Just get quiet. Shut the www and the brains connection to it down. Get still. Go in nature and just be. It’s easier to really take a good look at this cycle from this place of quiet contemplation. Not judgment.

If you aren’t loving your path, if you aren’t delighted with what you are harvesting, you can begin right this moment, take a different road, plant new seeds. Perhaps there will also be some pruning, weeding, even excavating. Don’t let that hinder you.

When you begin to recognize you are the creative expression of omnipotent potential and power – you can choose.

I hope you will co-create with me peace, harmony, joy, love, abundance, kindness, fulfillment. It’s your birth right after all.

Holding you and our world in highest good and best outcome for all.

Much Love,


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3 thoughts on “You Get What You Give

  1. Love your post.
    We always seem to feel that we can never get back on track once we have derailed. We can always change at a moments notice and plant new seeds to change our harvest.