What’s At The Core of This Blog?

HI! I’m Stephana (pronounced Stef On’ U like up)  and the purpose of Your Holistic Mentor is to share stories and experiences of how to step off the main stream assembly line, integrate total well being and change the world by achieving personal goals while helping others at the same time.

On the blog I share my reflections about life from a holistic perspective.

HOLISTIC means, WHOLE which is derived from HOLY.

I don’t segregate or compartmentalize parts of life anymore.

I take in the WHOLE and that’s more than mind, body and spirit but we’ll use that to keep it simple.

I’ll talk about how each part effects the other in a real life, real time as a home schooling mom, wife, author, speaker, coach and business owner.

I’m really interested in getting back to WHOLENESS – from reconnected to the HOLY (no this is not a religious blog), WHOLE food, love to share my culinary creations; movement, this is what I thrive on so I’ll share lots of fitness and health tips; mindset and personal development goodies because it all starts in the mind (spirit) and of course relationships – what would we do without them. You’re likely to find just about everything that goes into living life more WHOLE and keeping it REAL.

Stay a while!

You can read more about me and what I’m about here: http://yourholisticmentor.com/about/

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