Peace Doesn’t Come in a Pill Print Book Releases June 18, 2017 to Honor My Father

A few years ago, helping others heal from sexual trauma and abuse was something that was a very important issue and top priority for me.

I had been sexually abused and had experienced what has remained unspeakable trauma for far too long.

I believe it’s only in the last decade that it has become more “safe” to talk about sexual abuse, rape and the trauma associated with this. As the victim was the first to be blamed for many years. I know why this is now and the only way to stop this cycle is to have enough courage to stand up and fight. Not with arms necessarily, but with whatever is needed.

I had been speaking and teaching about the PILOT Your Way Method  and teaching from my workbook that went along with this body of work I developed over years. This work had come out of Finding Joy Beyond Trauma – the hundreds of interviews and connections in the work I was doing to help heal myself as I helped to heal others from sexual abuse and trauma and was rooted in a concept that my father taught me.

The name of one of the chapters was/is PEACE DOESN’T COME IN A PILL. This was a 40 page chapter that was suggested to be a book of its own.

That book of it’s own has been shared as a gift to those working this path, but I am now ready to share this as a gift to the world and anyone who wishes to avail themselves of this simple, yet wonderfully workable method that I “discovered” and teach.

To honor my Dad, Peace Doesn’t Come In a Pill will be released as a print book on June 18, 2017.

Any who is seeking a more holistic answer, a simple yet practical and workable method of Your Way through anxiety, depression, parenting, illness, relationships, business, health and fitness….a method to take back the controls of your life from the inside out – this is for you.


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