Declare Your Independence

How Do You Celebrate Your Freedom?

Independence Day – in America it’s the Fourth of July.

It’s usually celebrated with fireworks, BBQ’s, pool parties and red, white and blue deserts!

It’s a day to honor and acknowledge our freedom. More than freedom from something, it’s freedom to explore our full potential. Freedom to choose. Freedom to express. Freedom to create our best life ever.

Tonight I will take my sons to see a spectacular fireworks display downtown on the river front. It’s never disappointed. Full of mesmerizing color and choreographed to soul moving music, it’s a dramatic demonstration of art, sound, light filled color with a powerful impact.

I loved when Katy Perry’s Fireworks song came out, I still love to play it nice and loud and dance freely with my boys. To celebrate the idea that we too are free to demonstrate a spectacular life.

This is a wonderful lesson to be reminded of – we have the most important freedom there is – the Freedom to CHOOSE.

You can choose your actions, your thoughts, what you will eat, how you will spend your time and money, how you will dress, what career you will take on, how you will contribute, how you will make an impact in your life, from your life.

Whether you get excited over the fireworks or a culinary creation, remember that you too are free to demonstrate a spectacular life.

Use today as a launching pad, declare Independence Day the day you FREE yourself from limiting beliefs, destructive patterns, constraints that hold you back.

Celebrate the miracle of who you are, unlimited in potential, FREE to see the possibilities and Splurge on your spectacular Inner Light.

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