Guardians at the Gate

MKMMA Week 2, Year 2 Experience

Things are moving at hyper speed now.

The steps, the actions, the habits I’ve built beginning last year with the MKMMA are now ingrained in my life.

There is no more procrastination. There is enthusiasm in abundance.

“Today I begin a new life” – I still love this and do I read it 3 times a day now on my year 2. I don’t. I have a new scripture that I read this month. Because that’s the greatest thing about being the master of your own world.

We are building a new reality with each thought. Each day.

PPNs *Personal Pivotal Needs – True Health and Liberty. I see blue sky.

The mind can only hold 1 thing at a time. So CHOOSE! Be vigilant and the guardian at the gate of your every thought!

Fill your mind with the things you love and that you love to see happen in your life – and the things you love will show up in your life!!

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