How You Can Increase Your Impact and Power By Simplifying Your Life

Have you ever used a camera with a manual focus?

Have you ever seen an out of focus picture?

You know how it gets hard to differentiate from the focal point, maybe the eyes of your subject or what might be the most important for the viewer to focus on?

There are so many allegories around this idea of FOCUS –

a lazer

a jet stream spray nozzle vs a sprinkle nozzle

a rifle vs a shot gun

you get the idea.

Your power, your impact in ANY area of your life is predicated on your ability to establish focus, hold a focus, direct a focus and get agreement on that focus.

Whether in business, personal, financial, religious, education, politics, relationships.

The moment you dilute your focus you decrease your power and your impact.

So I say, it’s time to simplify life.

And every single area therein.

Anything that dilutes or distracts your pure focus is a hindrance.

Now, since I have a primary focus on helping people through movement – and I can narrow down pretty far here to optimal mindful movement and nutrition for the average human body (not a cirque d’ solei performer.

So what might be required for you, if you wish to increase your impact and power by simplifying your life in the area that will lead you to achieve optimal power or well being and your best version of yourself.

Get rid of everything in your life that is not directly focused or in focus with your best life ever!


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