What President’s Day Taught Me About Life and Business

It’s become a tradition in our homeschooling to read the biographies of some of the great Presidents – George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln – throughout the month of February.

While President Lincoln remains my personal favorite past President it was what President Washington did that resonated with me as someone who motivates others to take up arms and change their lives or some part of their life for a greater cause.

I’ve been poignantly reminded of lately with the situation of my Yogilachi Fitness Studio closing and the fall out from the blow. I think we should all be reading more biographies and having our children read and understand the important works so many have done to ensure our freedoms. The freedom to own a business, the freedom of speech. It’s part of learning about life and how to make things better when things get tough.

In the biography of George Washington it talked about how he who could encourage and motivate without breaking the spirit of the men. While I know it was the times back then to own slaves, this seemed bit hypocritical to me. But then I realized, here I am, this health and fitness trainer – focused on the highest good and best outcome for all who would walk through the doors of Yogilachi – and I had sold myself into a form of slavery going for months without caring for myself. It still amazes me that I wouldn’t take the time to go to the bathroom or eat or drink water because I had to train the next client or teach the next class or take care of another issue. That’s a form of hypocrisy that I have decided to give up – thank goodness!

Both components resonated, in the health and wellness industry it is about helping those who might have gotten so busy with their businesses or family or distractions they forget they need to fight for themselves too. That goes for the “leader” as well, humble as they may be.

President’s Day (February 22nd originally for President Washington’s birth day) is to honor past and present Presidents, but I’d like to specifically focus on our first President with this excerpt “A lesser man might have been consumed by power and reigned like a monarch”.

And also our 16th President Lincoln, an excerpt from History of Presidents “Saving the Union, which would have ended the American experience, and eradicating the sinful hypocrisy of slavery gives him the edge for me. Plus, he died for his nation’s sins. He was the last victim of the violence necessary to secure the bond between the states. That makes him all the more heroic.”

Today may we all honor the strength of a nation built on a democracy.

That all are created equal.That we are given certain inalienable rights.

Among them to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

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