Looking For Signs of Peace Rather than Pain

Inviting you to reflect...we may feel powerless over external situations and circumstances, however we have the opportunity to reconnect and reinforce our greatest power

Stephana Johnson Success Coach, Jack Canfield, Business Mentor, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Trainer, Motivational Speaker

It’s truly fantastic to observe all the diverse views, not just of Covid-19 but also of the health, identity, business, money, government, education, etc.

I celebrate this beautiful diversity in all of us and believe the expressions of every unique one of us is just that, an expression. To claim it is fact and enforce your reality is part of the “game”.

Our rights as a human species, to think for ourselves, to express ourselves, these are inalienable rights. I believe at the core of humanity we are good. As the brilliant and beautiful human expression of Marshall Rosenberg said, we are all only ever saying Please or Thank you.

But I wonder if you recognize this with me? That when fear is created, it is far easier to control another?

From parents and partners using threats to control the child, spouse, or colleague.

Using rewards and punishment, certainly an age-old way of controlling. However, it is highly ineffective if you want your child to think for themselves or if you hope to put trust in your team to pivot, innovate and bring out their best in support of the whole whether in times of stability or crisis.

We see this system used throughout history in every area of human life. It is with this created fear and the habitual response to fear; the prolonged perpetuated promotion of fear and the established addiction, frozen in a repetitive pattern of click, swipe, and watching…yet it is not natural, nor is it optimal for any best kind of outcome for the whole.

We must not let fear control us, it is never in our best interest, not for the individual, not for the whole, to make a decision out of fear.

Make no mistake, THAT decision will inevitably become your next problem. Often FAR worse than the first “problem”.

Be calm. Separate yourself out from the situation, feeling, circumstance…

Operate from a place of relaxed but enthusiastic clarity…learn to recognize THIS feeling. That is the TRUE YOU. The one who can differentiate and respond in a sane, clear, calm, harmonious, healthy, whole way.

Your identity is an expression of infinite potential. You are far more than all of this.

We all are. We each can start acting that way.

I’m sure there are many who are actually deeply afraid that you and I will in fact wake up to this truth. To begin thinking and acting for ourselves and then it will be far harder to control you. Yet, I believe in the abundant good in humanity and that that native goodness will rise above to bring balance and allow for the Unity and Diversity to unfold through global awakening.

When we have an understanding and can trust ourselves and one another, we will bring a new dawn.

This is a perfect time to start the 7 Day Miracle Mindset Makeover, if you haven’t done that yet, I invite you to start today. You can access the training for free by subscribing – see the side bar here.

What kind of leadership is it going to take to save humanity from extinction?

Authentic Leadership Leads To Positive Change

Climate Strategist and Co-Founder of XR America, Jonathan W. Logan joins me on today’s Powerhouse Leaders Podcast.

What will it take to save the planet?

What kind of leaders do we need to BE (or become) in order to save humanity from extinction?

What styles of leadership are vital for these new times and what must we do to shift so away from denial without perpetuating the outmoded styles of “leadership”?

These are serious questions. Make no mistake, we live in critical times for the human race.

Get ready to be moved in today’s podcast!

The capacity of humans to explore, innovate and lead positive change will be tested like no other time in history.
It will be those who are willing to step up and LEAD. To stand in their own authentic POWER and lead from a place of wholeness. There is no room for ego or denial. We haven’t the time.

Jonathan opens with brutal honesty, speaks with a courageous heart and a vulnerability rarely attributed to leaders but surely missing from many of those we attribute with “power” of an old paradigm.

If you’ve been listening or following the Powerhouse Leaders podcast before now, you know, we each have the responsibility if not duty, to step up and take our inner power back – reconnect, reignite and restore our inner powerhouse to make the changes we must in our own lives, our families, our community, our cities, our cultures.

To get involved with XR America there are links below to find out more.


“What we want to do is save humanity from extinction”,
Prof. Jeffery, Behavioral Neuroscience | XR

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