The Magic of Waldorf Summer Conference 2017

Learning How To Teach the Waldorf Way

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of attending the Magic of Waldorf summer conference in Portland, OR hosted by Mrs. Marsha Johnson. While the adults were in the conference Waldorf grades teacher, Ms. Laura Johnson led a wonderful art camp for the children.

As a homeschooling mom choosing to use the Waldorf approach has proven to be healing to both myself as well as my children. The conference is a total immersion for teachers, homeschoolers and care givers with an interest in Waldorf education.

Below there are videos that Ms. Laura generously allowed me to record for some of the songs one can do in the various grades. The songs are stories. Storytelling is a cornerstone of Waldorf, along with singing, music and art, make up much of how we bring life to learning in a Waldorf education.

If you have any interest in attending the conference or camp you can find more at

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