What kind of leadership is it going to take to save humanity from extinction?

Authentic Leadership Leads To Positive Change

Climate Strategist and Co-Founder of XR America, Jonathan W. Logan joins me on today’s Powerhouse Leaders Podcast.

What will it take to save the planet?

What kind of leaders do we need to BE (or become) in order to save humanity from extinction?

What styles of leadership are vital for these new times and what must we do to shift so away from denial without perpetuating the outmoded styles of “leadership”?

These are serious questions. Make no mistake, we live in critical times for the human race.

Get ready to be moved in today’s podcast!

The capacity of humans to explore, innovate and lead positive change will be tested like no other time in history.
It will be those who are willing to step up and LEAD. To stand in their own authentic POWER and lead from a place of wholeness. There is no room for ego or denial. We haven’t the time.

Jonathan opens with brutal honesty, speaks with a courageous heart and a vulnerability rarely attributed to leaders but surely missing from many of those we attribute with “power” of an old paradigm.

If you’ve been listening or following the Powerhouse Leaders podcast before now, you know, we each have the responsibility if not duty, to step up and take our inner power back – reconnect, reignite and restore our inner powerhouse to make the changes we must in our own lives, our families, our community, our cities, our cultures.

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“What we want to do is save humanity from extinction”,
Prof. Jeffery, Behavioral Neuroscience | XR

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