MKMMA Action Item

(This is a Master Key Master Mind Alliance required exercise where a Press Release is written as if my Major Definite Purpose had already manifested)

July 4, 2018

For Immediate Release

Contact:   Stephana 360-936-3374

Headline: Liberty and Autonomy For All

Subhead: Mom Makes Millions and a Profound Positive Impact Globally

Vancouver, WA (July 4, 2018) – We are on the top floor of Yogilachi Holistic Health & Fitness Studio in East Vancouver, WA enjoying the gentle breeze watching the boats on the water.  I am talking Stephana on how she has transformed the lives of so many with a concept as old as time. She has brought a custom blend tea and a beautiful signature tea pot and cups from her studio store that sparkles just downstairs.

Justin: “Stephana, I don’t know the last time I was so impressed and excited to meet someone, for you are a formidable yet completely approachable woman behind such amazing positive impact in the world. You make a huge impact in your local community, globally as well as under your own roof.  First off, congratulations on your engagement, wow that’s a gorgeous ring! Congratulations again on your 3rd book coming out! How have you done it all?”

Stephana  “Thank you Justin. It’s been an amazing and wonderful journey these last 9 months. Like birthing a new life indeed.

I remember when I was walking through Fred Meyer one night alone while my boys were with there dad and I felt this urge come over me, as if my dad said, here you go, like a gift from “heaven”.  I choose numbers based on sentiment. The next thing I knew me and my boys were multi millionaires. But I’ll tell you, regardless of the money, I would do what I am doing today. The thing about money, it makes things move faster, it’s definitely a supportive form of energy if you are clear on your path and it make doing so much easier. I can easily afford to hire competent and wonderful support staff and I have team that are well paid. That’s been a huge blessing as the 16 hour days were rough.  The free time to be with my boys unencumbered by the stress of keeping a roof over our heads. I’m most grateful for that liberty and the autonomy and I feel it’s a direct message from my dad”

Justin, “Yes, you dedicated your first book to your dad. That must be all the more bitter sweet.”

Yes, and I’ve learned so much from each experience – sometimes we think we just can’t get through the pain or some circumstance, we want to rush through it and get it over with. At least that’s how I had been. But I remember the moment I just let go of the opinion that kept me tied to the pain and I just began to regain the joy of life again. So much blossomed as a result of this. My books flowed freely and I felt inspired and focused more than I’ve ever known.

“Immediately we set up a trust for planting thousands of trees, that was for my dad. We put a portion in a trust that would create a multi generational legacy for our heritage and put the rest in a non profit trust that bought 1000 acres where the healing and retreat center and an intentional sustainable community with natural springs, the hot springs and natural springs safe for drinking. We are completely sustainable, in fact we make so much power the electric company buys it from us now. We will serve 10’s of thousands of people a year.

“We bought this property here, again for a trust and legacy of healing people and planet, that will last long into the future. A place of innovation and visionary healing.  We built this 5000 square foot studio that serves as our home as well. We live on the top floor here as you can see in this beautiful, simple, zen like environment. Downstairs we have a full time massage therapist, the best in the NW. We have a wonderful floatation tank, hyperbaric chamber you know so wonderful for head trauma which is what my son has fully recovered from and now it’s important we help other there as well. We have a infra red sauna, chi machines and healing modality rooms for our clients. We also have a full commercial kitchen where we make and teach healing foods. It’s our Healing Kitchen Laboratory and we film our shows right there. Then you can see the beautiful floors where we have classes, movement, mindset and meditation classes. Then over in that area with the custom racks and weights you can see we work on strength and agility. I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished. We’ve already helped so many people get free of pain, to get healthy and fit and feel good in their bodies again. They are more confident and so much happier. Hearing about how this has helped them, even saved their lives brings tears to my eyes. I’m humbled and honored and so grateful to be able to serve this way. I don’t think there is a better lesson I could teach my sons.”

Justin side note: Stephana’s assistant interrupts with an important and exciting message. Her script has just been set for pre-production. Stephana jumps with excitement and hugs her assistant and Stephana instructs her assistant to go forward with the PR campaign. “We now have the desired stars attached and this film will be ground breaking in so many ways. We will make more films that inspire the world, that wake people up, move them, shake the world in a way that we can never go back to the dark ages, we’ve broken the silence and there is no more hiding for those that harm, or want to keep ignorance for their own control, instead we’ll protect, we’ll heal and we’ll get the right help for those that need help. We will positively effect 7 generations with what we do right here right now.”

Justin: “You’ve published 2 books on self help and the third is your Yogilachi system. Tell me about your first two books.”

Stephana: “I wrote Peace Doesn’t Come in a Pill and when it came out last Christmas to such high acclaim I was so proud to have been able to offer my simple but highly workable practice to the world and see that it has helped so many” Yes, in fact it’s actually been number one on the NY Times.

I followed that up with Finding Joy Beyond Trauma, Stories of Healing, Strategies for Thriving and was invited on Oprah to speak about the book and share it through that chaneel. It’s made a tremendous impact globally. It’s time has come for certain. I feel incredibly honored and grateful to be on the forefront of the shifts toward a more positive world through healing and getting back to simple truths that had become so convoluted for profit and gain.

Justin: Your sons seem so happy and competent. You’ve homeschooled them all this time. “Well, we really are learning together, every day. It’s such a joy to learn with them. To see their fires ignite and their creations come alive. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Each breath each moment is cherished.

You recently became engaged. “YES! It’s been an exciting time, it was breathtaking, exhilarating and it’s been such joy to fall deeply in love, to have all my dreams come true and also be with the love of my life. He’s the greatest man I’ve known and I’m so grateful to share my life and my boys to have a mentor and someone like him in their lives showing up and growing up. He and I compliment each other and we completely thrive together.

I know you give a lot in terms of support and good works throughout the community and the world, in fact Yogilachi is a non profit. Can you tell us what inspires you to give back so much.

“I believe Emerson said it best, when you give you get. I’ve experienced this and hope to inspire other’s around the world with this theme.

Thank you Stephana, for your generous time and effusive energy. I have so enjoyed being with you here today and I am excited to see more from you as you transform the world one person at a time!

“My very great pleasure”