Can Four Letter Words Relieve Stress?

Words are like magic. They cast spells. Some are positive. Some negative.

Your body believes every word you say. Your mind is so powerful it can make a word, whether thought, written or spoken, become reality.

Without even writing them here, if I ask you to imagine fowl 4 letter words, the electrical negativity spews  forth like ghosts and goblins in the night.

Affirmations have been proven to change the chemistry of water, the brain and blood.

What are affirmations? Words. Even a single word.

Feel the energy change when you cast the spell of these 4 letter words.

  • PETS
  • YOGA
  • WALK
  • PLAY
  • LOVE
  • HUGS
  • GLAD
  • PRAY
  • GOOD
  • NICE
  • MOVE
  • MOON

Whether you belong to Slytherin house or use the magic of Glinda the good witch, the choice is yours.
Here is a 5 and 9er for you: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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