To Compare or Not To Compare That is The Question

Comparing oneself to another is a common predicament for many people.

The question is, why compare?

Are we naturally wired to be competitive? I don’t believe so. This comparing of oneself and always looking at someone else’s accomplishments, possessions, looks and life, can be attributed to the disassociation of one own’s sense of self.

The truth is you will never measure up to anyone else. Why? Because you are unique. You are the absolute only one of you. So why keep trying to measure yourself against another?

If you want to improve your life and expand your business or accomplishments, you only need to evaluate where you are now to where you want to go. A place you choose from what I like to call “sacred Intention”. This is the intention that is fundamentally YOU. Not the programs and sub programs running.

If you are having difficulty defining your destination it will be difficult to chart your course of action.