Your journey of a thousand miles starts with 1 step


Make it a powerful forward step

DSC_0404I’ve been brewing my favorite tea and doing something I haven’t done since I became a mom. Every night I’ve been watching one of the 2015 Oscar nominations. I’ve said it before, the authenticity of performances makes for a real emotional experience for the audience. I believe this is true in business and in life.

When we are cut off from our truth, our authentic voice, the result is often miss-emotion, unhealthy behavior, unproductive thoughts, words and lifestyle choices resulting in lack of joy and superficial, if any, success.

One year ago today I was recording an interview for a summit that I would launch just before Valentines day 2014. This “Soulful Sex Summit” was a culmination of my own healing journey from past trauma and to bring awareness around this provocative topic and how it effects our success and joy in all areas of our life.

The culmination of the seeds we’ve planted knowingly or unknowingly when we hide out because of fear of our past can literally destroy a life and all that potential. I teach that we can take back our authentic voice and thus our true power – our power to create the life of our dreams.

Finding Joy Beyond Trauma is the program that culminated from my own personal healing journey. With the prior years of helping others get clarity of purpose and vision, build confidence and lead a life of highest health and well being and based on their authentic voice and highest good.

For a limited time the $997 program investment is only $497