The Wide-Leg Forward Bend (Prasarita = spread, Padottanasana: pado = feet, tan = expand)

Prasarita Padottanasana is my favorite forward bend posture. Easily adding variations and progressions, this posture helps release sacral iliac (SI Joint), spine extension, hip flexion, knee extension.

Excellent stretch for the hamstring and calves, increases blood flow to the brain (I’ve noticed improvement in my skin and hair when I do this regularly/daily)

As with any movement, bring awareness to and through your breath, alignment as you lengthen and stretch, expansion of root to crown chakras, grounding earth energy bringing calm and stable flow to the body, mind and spirit. The SI Joint (sacroiliac joint) will spread without being over stretched as can be in sitting forward bend and the top of the pelvis is brought forward while the hips flex. Keep the ribs dropped and allow for the breath to flow without squeezing the tummy and compressing or displacing the organs.

When ready you can add a gentle spinal twists, move into wide leg down dog and even move into a deep lunge for a progressive variation.

Always consult your health care practitioner before starting this or any exercise program.

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